Instagram accounts content

i want to ask about how to generat content for your instagram account
i read a lot about this in this forum
first i see Mr @Johnny talk about running content with RSS this solution steal good now and it’s good to post +20 post per day with this ? ( i have in mind 2-4 post per day is the best )
second i see someone post a guide with all accts no content all the accts are virgin just bio with link for cpa offer, do you recomend this ?
also if i use any software or rss to program daily post, that is good to post all cotent just pictures and videos or it’s necessary to add difirents hashtags to each post with a good description ?
i’m talking about 50-100 accts with difirents nich so can you help me how to manage content

Check this post

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If you do some searches you will also find answers to all your other questions. Most of them have been talked in depth, so please use the search function, it really works and answer comes immediately instead of waiting for someone to reply when you create a new topic.

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thank’s for that.
you have right and sorry if i ask a lot just there is a lot of good content on this forum and if i can i wish read all the topics here but it will take time and i will try to read all that i can, it’s so hepful thank you for this great forum.
just i d’ont find the reponce for is it good to grow account without posting any content and is it good to post all content without any description or hashtags
please if you can show me a good topic for this it will be really helpful i search for that but i d’ont find i think the probleme is in keywords that i used in search

If you post something new you’ll have to wait a couple of hours or maybe days for someone to reply. If you use the search function you can find in a couple of minutes whatever you need. Don’t expect others to do the work for you every time. Learn to use the search function, it’s basically the same as using google to find what you need. It’s a must have skill nowadays :wink: