[Instagram] Accounts: New vs Aged-PVA vs Aged-Non-PVA

Hi. Which is the best way to start your instagram activities?

a) Create new instagram accounts and age them for at least 1 month and then warm up
b) Buy Aged PVA accounts
c) Buy Aged Non-PVA accounts and verify them with real SIM cards



The way I always do it is buy PVA accounts and let them “warm up” for about 2-4 weeks. Sometimes I still get Phone verification’s.

Also, I feel like no matter how aged the account is, if it’s been inactive for awhile you are going to have to let it warm up some.

Do you reverify them with real SIM card?

I heard that when you buy PVA accounts (all of them are verified with online sms services) and you need to reverify them again at some point, you get a ban.

Also, I heard that if you buy accounts (no matter if you buy new, pva’d, non-pva’d) and move them on mass planner with your new proxies, you can get a ban. Because most of those accounts were created with bad proxies (public proxies)

So it seems that it is the best way is to create accounts by yourself using good proxies and verifying them with real SIM cards.

Nope, I basically use an online service to verify them. I do need to try the sim cards though as they seem to be better.

This could be the case but from personal experience I only have maybe like 10% get ban when I add them on and my provider replaces them. Also, heard someone mention if this happens try putting the account in your phone or blue-stacks and you get the account back but I never tried this

This definitely seems to be the safest way and the way you want to go. But sometimes it just easier to buy accounts and deal with the few accounts that give you errors especially if you’re buying/creating 100’s of accounts

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Buying couple of months old non-verified accounts works fine for me.
Creating new accounts is too much hassle and accounts are pretty cheap.

Buying PVA accounts is a nonsense. They’re more expensive and you’ll still have to do phone verification at some point.


I’ve had best experience with 1+ years aged accounts. Any younger and I got pv after first day warming up with only 40 likes

Yeah, it’s like you have to pay extra with new number for phone verification, an more struggle when secondly phone verification came…

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That’s a great way of putting it.
I’ve wondered why PVA accounts seems to be the more common popular option even though you still seem to get hit with verification checkpoints regardless and if you do (at least in Facebook’s purposes for me) if you already have a mobile number previously linked up you’re in trouble if you don’t have access to it. So paying much more for the PVA account seems to make trouble in the end.

That said, I’m starting to buy non-PVA accounts now for Facebook to try my luck. Will they be right to leave non verified and just verify them by mobile (probably using SMSPVA or cheap online service) if I hit a mobile verification checkpoint? Or will it make my accounts stronger if I do mobile verification for them all then delete the number from the account (as I won’t have access to it for future possible checkpoints)?

Sorry for bumping as this was the top post on google when I searched :stuck_out_tongue:

But, I’m wondering to buy 50 accounts.
$25 Fresh Pva
$25 Old pva

Which is best for long term growth? I’m going to use jarvee with reposting and storyviews (1k-2k a day) only.

3 years old thread :slight_smile: but I’ll answer anyway.

None. Don’t bother with getting phone verified accounts. They’ll ask you for phone verification at some point and you’ll have to use new number in best case scenario. Worst case, they’ll ask you to verify with phone number already attached and then you can forget about that account.

Go for aged, but not phone verified accounts.

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