🔥 Instagram Accounts with 1000-5000 Followers - Cheapest ever (Limited stock remaining)

I’d like this to be simple and straight to the point without any flashy graphics.

Here I’m only offloading my instagram accounts stock from my previous m/s services I have offered to my clients, and not offering any growth services. These accounts have been inactive for more than 8 months now and available from 0-8000 followers. Most of these accounts are profiled though there maybe some which may not comprise of a bio or profile picture.

For Instagram Accounts without followers based on Rambler [Username NOT included, only IGEMail, IGPass, EmailUser, EmailPass included], please use autobuy at $1.00 from HERE (Good for all purpose including scraping)

For Instagram Accounts without followers based on Rambler [Username included], please use autobuy at $1.20 from HERE (Good for all purpose including scraping)

If you donot receive the email verification code in the first go, please try hitting the password reset button so password reset email will be sent to your email. You don’t need to reset your password, just request the password reset email, now you should be able to go ahead and request verification code, please allow it few minutes if you donot receive it immediately. Instagram have slight issues with sending verification emails for the first time with rambler emails. If you are using Jarvee, you should be able to select multiple/all accounts and just hit password reset button, no need to do it manually. If you still face issues, kindly contact support desk at selly, we will be happy to replace all the non-working accounts reported within 72 hours

For instagram accounts with 0-200 followers, please use autobuy at $2.00 from HERE.
(Best used for scraping and as slaves)

For instagram accounts with 200-500 followers, please use autobuy at $3.00 from HERE. OUT OF STOCK INDEFINITELY
(Ultra High demand - Usually go out of stock within minutes after adding)

For instagram accounts with 500-1000 followers, please use autobuy at $6.00 from HERE. OUT OF STOCK INDEFINITELY
(Best used as slave accounts)

Use coupon MPSOCIAL for the autobuy listings to buy with 50% discount. Coupon does not apply for the orders made through list.

For all instagram accounts with 1000-5000 followers, you can choose which account to buy wherin I can send you the list of accounts I have which is sorted by niches and comprise of follower, following and post count of each account. I have more than 5,000 instagram accounts available on the list to choose from. Cost of each account will be $0.50 for every 100 followers so if you buy an account with 4269 followers it will cost you $21.50 or if you buy an account with 2749 follower, it will cost you $14.00. Please post below to request the list and it will be sent to you via PM.

Bulk offer - Buy accounts worth $600 and pay only $500

Contact Support Desk for Custom Orders

Please allow upto 72 hours for resolution to your support ticket.

Refund & Replacement Policy: No refunds for accounts once sold. Please report non-working accounts within 72 hours of purchase for replacement.

PS: Since majority of instagram accounts are coupled with onet.pl emails and onet.pl have been on hunting down the email accounts, we might not be able to provide original creation email for some accounts though for the rest of accounts it will still be provided. If you face email not working issue, kindly raise support ticket at our selly support desk and support team will change the account email for you.


Q) What to do if I am getting action block right from the beginning?

A) If in case you face an action block right from the beginning, it must be because of the bad proxy or bad IP being used OR automation being detected, kindly try using accounts on your cellphone data connection or broadband connection or good quality residential/mobile proxies, they should work.

Q) What kind of actions I can start from the day 1 ?

A) You should start slow with under 50 actions and increase gradually with adding 10-20 new actions everyday. I advise against performing any actions on day 1 after logging in.

Q} When can I add a profile picture, change password, change email and edit profile?

A) You can add profile picture, change password, change email and edit profile right after logging in.

Q} When can I start sending DMs?

A) You should be careful while sending DMs, please wait for few days and perform other actions before starting out with DMs.

Q} What kind of precautions I should take ?

A) You must use residential or mobile IP’s only. Using datacenter IP’s is not advisable unless you’re already familiar with instagram automation.

Q) Where do I login emails which come along with the instagram accounts?

A) For the instagram accounts which come along with onet.pl accounts, you may login using www.onet.pl through web or use pop.poczta.onet.pl for pop3 login with port 995. For the instagram accounts which come along with rambler.ru, lenta.ru, autorambler.ru, myrambler.ru, rambler.ua and lenta.ru email accounts, you may login using www.rambler.ru through web or use pop.rambler.ru for pop3 login with port 110. For the instagram accounts which come along with o2.pl, go2.pl, prokonto.pl and tien.pl email accounts, you may login using www.o2.pl through web or use poczta.o2.pl for pop3 login with port 110.

Q) Why am I getting email confirmation message after logging into any account?

A) Its a regular procedure instagram follows when any instagram account is logged in on a different IP/location.

Q) Why didn’t I receive an email with confirmation code?

A) Sometimes instagram takes time in sending verification code, kindly wait for some time. For rambler.ru based accounts, instagram sometimes may not send a code, you can simply request a password reset link, and once password reset link is received via email, please request verification coded again, it should be received this time. if you are unable to find it in inbox, kindly look for the email in other folders.

Q) When were these accounts registered?

A) All the accounts on sale were registered before March 2019.

Q) Can you please provide link of the email websites in english?

A) Kindly use the email website on google chrome and use translate button, these email websites are not available in english by default.

Q) After editing/profiling the accounts I am receiving bans, what went wrong?

A) Its likely an issue with the software/browser being used as it might be leaving the footprint OR it could be an issue of bad proxies OR you might be using same images/bios/usernames over and over again.

Q) When I am trying to login, instagram says I’m using a wrong username/password?

A) In rare case, we may have a password mismatched on the sheets, we urge you to kindly reset the password and use the new one using the amail.

Q) Are these accounts created using instagram native mobile application?

A) Yes, all accounts were created using instagram mobile application.

Q) Are these accounts created using residential Ips?

A) All accounts are created using a mix of residential and mobile IP’s.

Q) What is your best proxy recommendation for IG?

A) You may use any good 4G or residential proxies. There are ample of good sellers on blackhatworld marketplace, kindly feel free to try them out as results differ for each vendor for every person.

Q) Do you recommend a good cloaker?

A) Please refer to blackhatworld marketplace, there are couple of good cloakers available there. It all depends on your purpose which cloaker would work best for you.

Q) I would like to auto email verify with Jarvee. Can you please provide me with the Jarvee email validation details I would need to add?

A) Kindly refer to Jarvee tutorials on their recommended format on how to upload accounts to jarvee in prescribed format with their emails.

Q) Which country was used for creating accounts?

A) There was no specific country being used for account creation, it was a random world mix of countries.

Q) Do you provide invoices?

A) Since this is a complete blackhat service, unfortunately we’re unable to provide invoices.

Q) Which mode of payments are accepted?

A) Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoincash, Litecoin, USDT, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Paytm, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Paypal (unavailable for accounts without followers), International Wire transfer (For bulk orders)

Contact Support Desk for Custom Orders

Post “SAMPLE” below to request a sample account without followers OR “LIST” for list of accounts with followers.

PS: Only valid for accounts with followers. You must update email address, password and phone number on instagram account immediately after purchase. DONOT USE A VIRTUAL PHONE NUMBER OR DONOT LEAVE PHONE NUMBER FIELD BLANK TO AVOID BEING LOCKED OUT OF INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. Change password/turn on 2FA to ensure the phone number change takes place without failure. Change email to your own for best security and longevity of account

Accounts without followers are unaffected and have no impact of these updates


Thread approved.

Good luck with the sales.


Would love to give a feedback here!
I have purchased a couple of accounts about 3 months ago. Still running, no account is banned/blocked. I’ve only made positive experiences.



i purchased some and no problems( this week). Quick service, no bans – highly recommended if you need real accounts real followers


@proxified is a great guy to work with. These accounts work - get them before they are gone. Good luck with sales brother !

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Hi @proxified I am interested to buy. Can you please share the list in PM so that I can choose as per my niche?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @proxified I am interested in seeing the list to purchase some accounts. Please PM me!

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Hi @proxified
I am interested. Please send me a list.

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Mate do you recommend this guy for what you mentioned in your interview? buy 1000K accounts to grow?


it’s a source of accounts. I never had problems with @proxified. In fact I am buying account from him for some clients to make m/s systems for them.



I’m interested to buy some accounts.

Please send me the list so I can choose if there is any in my niche.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you!

Kind Regards

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List sent to everyone who asked for it.

Thanks @Adnan for thread approval.

Thanks @MaximillianP for your wonderful feedback.

Thanks @Alexnvo for your kind words and feedback.

Thanks @tux you are humble as ever.


I’m interested! could you send the list? thanks in advance.

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Interested in some accounts with preferably 3k+ followers. Can you send me the list of available accounts as well? :muscle:

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@ANIMAL_Main List sent to you in PM

@roy List sent to you in PM

I’m interested on this.

Can you please send me a list of accounts, please?

Kind regards,

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Please send me the list. Thnx

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@joaolopes94 List sent to you in PM

@Fantazma List sent to you in PM

Hi I need 10 accounts, could you send me the list please?

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Could you send me the list please? Thanks!

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