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Everyone Welcome to my sales thread :tada:
I offer a large assortment of Instagram accounts. My store has been in existence for 3 years.

:heavy_check_mark: PVA Accounts by phone or email 0.10$+
:heavy_check_mark: Accounts for Scraping 0.12$
:heavy_check_mark: Aged Accounts with followers and publications 1$+

:ballot_box_with_check: I accept individual orders

You can test any type of account for free. To do this, you need to write to me or leave a comment in this thread.

:warning: If you have problems with the purchased account, I always make a replacement :warning:

  1. You have 24 hours to report a problem with your account. After this time, no replacement is made
  2. Replacement is made if you can not log into your account

My store (click)

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Your sales thread is approved, good luck! :slight_smile:

I have been purchasing scraper pages from him for over a year, they are good quality & if used with proper settings & warm up can last a long time!

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I got few test-free accounts from him 2 years ago, and they are alive until now. The quality is great on registration and not easy to die if you know what you’re doing.

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I want to test the sms accounts

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Id like to test these two types if possible:

:heavy_check_mark: PVA Accounts by phone or email 0.10$+
:heavy_check_mark: Accounts for Scraping 0.12$

What email are attached to the pva email accounts?

Hello, /

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Hi, can I test the aged Instagram accs

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I’m looking to buy instagram accounts with verification. Ideally accounts made between 2013 and 2018, though more recent is doable. Can you help?

Hello, I do not sell such accounts

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What is the difference between the scraping and pva accounts?

Hello Boris
Instagram periodically purges accounts.
pva accounts can die on purges.
Scraping does not die, and can live dormant for a long time


  • Sorry if there is a mistake in my writing because my language is not English. *

I decided to write you my experience of working with from the beginning to receiving and testing the accounts.

I write completely because I got a lot of help from this forum. Thanks to all of you guys. :yellow_heart:

I think it’s been a year since I created an Instagram account by myself using different tools or manually, but with every method I tried, most of the accounts were blocked after a few days.

I decided not to create the accounts myself and to buy the accounts.

I bought accounts from many people, but the accounts were warmed up in the worst way and had very low quality.

A few weeks ago, I came across the site “” in this forum. The prices were good.
I sent a message and told them to send me one of the types of accounts they provided on their website so that I can test it.
I received a reply in Telegram very quickly
tested it, everything was wonderful.
really wish I would have met them earlier and not spent a year’s money and time.
I ordered my first part and received it immediately, and I logged in all the accounts with two-step login, and I have been working with it for several weeks now, and the accounts are completely healthy and warmed up, and I had no problems.

In one sentence: great accounts + reasonable price + fast support + great customer service
It was great for me.
Finally, I must say that I recommend this site →

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Thanks for the review

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Instagram Accounts - Native mail 0.09$
format: login:password:email:password

the test is free :free:

Replenishment :white_check_mark: Пополнение

:arrows_counterclockwise: Instagram Accounts - Native mail gmx .com

:arrows_counterclockwise: Old accounts Instagram 2012-2022

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Twitter Accounts - Registered by mail outlook .com ( included)