Instagram Action Blocks from posting?

So I’m reading about the Jarvee insanity. I hired someone to do some manual following because I figured the worst that’s ever happened is an action block. Well I can’t even post on my account until 11/14. What could this person have done to prevent me from literally being able to do anything? I really mostly got a few password changes or temporary action block but way in the past.

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Posting too frequently
Posting on a bad ip
Posting explicit content
Using same captions or @ tags in caption
Posting same hashtags frequently.

Basically anything that looks like spam of offensive behavior gets blocked.

The thing is the person was doing follow/unfollow I been posting like this for three years. I told them there was an action block and they tried to play stupid said they were not home next thing I knew two days later I woke up to a one week block. So I hadn’t posted in days. I can’t do anything like comment follow post I can only dm unfollow and post stories. The block stemming from whatever they did I just can’t believe I can’t post

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Yeah its probably a follow block that got worse as he didn’t let it recover. Maybe doing too much at once and then not stopping after the first block.

I hope the agency is reputable. I know some that claim to be manual but actually use jarvee or other bots.

You can try login to a different device and try but odds are you have to wait till it’s over.

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