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I have a 2 year old instagram account. I have 32k followers mainly by following/unfollowing/liking/commenting with Instagress.

I have had the account banned at one time (about 8 months ago). I contacted instagram, proved my identity and they reinstated the account.

I have been using instagress “Fast” settings before and ever since the ban for 24 hours per day with no issues.

I’m just curious after reading some of the forum if I should let the account sleep 8-10 hours per day to look less automated.

This wasn’t an issue when i had my account reinstated, and I figured since my account is 2 years old with many followers that I should stay with my current settings. I’d hate to lose 10 hours of daily activity if I don’t need to.

What do you guys think? Should I let the account sleep some, or just keep doing what I’m doing?


Yes, allways sleep your accounts 8 hours. Will a human do a 24/7 job even if the account is 2 years old?

You are going from one IP to another. Search the forum for how to “warm up” your account.

If you value the account, then I’d say rest it. If it’s NBD, run it 24/7 and let us know how it works out for you.

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Thanks for your reply.

Yea, I agree…I just didn’t know if there were different “rules” for more established accounts.


There are a lot of theories, but who knows how your account will react when going from Instagress to MP.

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