Instagram ad specificities

Hello, I am new to instagram. A company has asked me to advertise their product. Is this legal if I do not have a brand or business? I just wanted to make sure before I accepted the offer.

Legal in what sense? Is a company offering to pay you to create advertisements, or are they asking you to promote them through social media?

Maybe he means the company ask for shout-out their products?

Don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to find out :laughing:

A company wants me to advertise their product. So pretty much they pay me some money and give me their product to review and shoutout on instagram.

This is legal

It is legal…sort of. It depends on a lot of factors. Really? It’s illegal. It’s illegal in the sense of making a U-turn where you weren’t supposed to. No cop? No ticket!

However, it’s highly likely that you won’t see any cops.

Meaning? If you are Katy Perry or Selena Gomez, whoever is running their accounts had better be using all of their turn signals.