Instagram ads + instagram automation

I wonder if you setup a simple ad with a daily $5 spend on your account if your automation blocks will be removed ? anyone try this method yet ? i know $5 seems alot a day but if you can double your daily actions it might be well worth it in some cases ? what do you think?

I try putting in a few ads but only like 5 dollars a week on a selected ad. I can’t speak about that unblocking you but I’ve had few problems.

Might be related… might not…

hmm interesting ill need to split test but that would be an interesting outcome although i believe you must have a FB account connected to an IG to run ads which automatically makes the account a lot more bulletproof

Great question… going to test that out myself and see if it makes a difference.

Don’t know if this is still the case, but I tested it a few months back (before the infamous June update) and I didn’t notice any changes in the amount of actions the account could do without blocks, I did however notice a decrease in engagement on the posts that I didn’t promote.

I tried before June, and a shadow ban was removed after I spent 2 dollars in one ad.

Link facebook account to instagram ? yes, it does give more trust to the account. But, make it bulletproof ? no its just lower the ban & block rate to 5%.