Instagram ads question

Heya. I’m going to give a shot at some ads (I know some people say it impacts reach but also that accounts with ads seem less likely to get AC’ed).

However, my IG is different to my facebook and each time I try to click on promote it says that the account is not an admin to the page. I cannot add it as an admin since it is a standalone instagram account… facebook and instagram are linked however,posts are sent tl the page…

Any ideas on how to fix?

You need to have a Facebook business page (and account) that’s linked to your Instagram page. And your Instagram profile also needs to be a business profile. A normal Facebook page won’t cut it.

Overlord Zuck needs to know all the details.


I have all of that. IG is a business page and it is linked to the facebook page. The issue is that it was originally different emails. I switched them to the same email but it still sees my IG account as not an admin to FB page.

I can’t specifically make the IG account the admin in the FB page as the admin is my FB profile. The IG account does not have a separate FB account.

Fixed it. Delete IG cache, unlinked FB. Then I logged separately into FB and linked accounts there.

Force stopped IG and linked to FB there as well.

Voila… at the 10th try it worked… thanks all