Instagram Ads Vs Shoutouts Which is better?

Hey guys, so I am thinking of paying for Instagram ads or shoutouts from similar niche Instagram accounts.

I was wondering, in your opinion which is most effective in terms of:

  1. Followers gained
  2. Price/Cost

Let me know your opinions people!


I think it depends on if you want to be Location targeted like a physical store I’d go for IG Ads but they can be pretty pricey.

As for shout-outs, make sure that the engagement is high, and not flooded with other people’s products so that your’s is just another promo for the account. Is negotiable and probably cheaper.

Gotta weigh the options and ask about pricing from both sources(IG ads, Shout out accounts).
What niche are you doing?


IG ads are a waste of money, IMO, if you’re trying to build a following. Why? Because there’s no direct way to create a call to action - such as follow my account. They’re probably great if you’re trying to drive traffic to a web site, but for gaining followers I think they’re useless.

Some swear that shoutouts work, others say they’re a waste of money too. I tend to agree with the later. I’ve bought a few shoutouts over the years & have never seen an appreciable gain in followers.

I think you’re better off saving your money.

Shoutouts. All the IG ads I’ve seen have very poor engagement which shows that people are just scrolling through and not following you, where as a shoutout has the call to action to follow you

Ads only charge you per click, so for instance your ad could have the “watch more” button with the link to your Instagram as the landing page from it for people to follow you.

I have done this myself, so it doesn’t matter how many people see your post or scroll past it, they wil only charge you if they happen to take enough interest to click more.

I have an ad going now for a page with a budget of $20 and its just for a stupid meme page for gaming. It has 1k likes, it’s been running for 3 days out of a 20 day run. and it has 8k impressions meaning 8k probably saw it or scrolled past it and I have a few hundred clicks and my budget is set at $20 total for my entire 20 days. they charge about $0.02 per click and i’ve only spent $4 of my budget so far and gained about 200 new follows.

They can be beneficial but I think they are more useful depending on your niche, websites probably work better with them.

Another way with ads that are engaging I found, is when people comment on your ad pic in the comments, you can reply to them saying some stuff like “If you haven’t yet, follow us for more great content!” they usually will see it and even give you the follow, especially if you have a good amount of followers, my page has 10k at the moment.

Your niche will probably be something that matters and your post, you want your post to draw in engagement and cause people to comment or make them want to see more of your content. Look at those big pages, they use videos that have nudity or other things and cover it up and tell people to follow them to see it uncensored and they dont show you anyway cause there account will get disabled haha.

As far as Shoutouts go, I think you will pay more for shoutouts from big pages with not much return on them, most people hate shoutouts on their favorite pages and just like the post and pretend it didn’t exist but if your page is a niche similar to the page shouting you out, I realize people will follow you as long as your pic you tell the page to use and the description are engaging.

Hope this helped!