Instagram+AdSense how to bring traffic

How to bring IG traffic to AdSense website which hasn’t new articles? Creating and growing big 30k account, but it will be too risky to get ban. Using shoutouts, when 9 accs mention my main account

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Was struggling to understand what you were saying but if your question was, “How To Get Traffic From IG to Your Site What Has AdSense”

  1. Put some articles on your site what are related to your niche
  2. Grow accounts in the niche / sub-niches
  3. Direct them to the blog

You can try purchasing shoutouts but IMO it really depends on the niche, but if you purchase a shout out from someone who has a MEME account, I highly doubt people on his profile are going to stop looking at memes to read an article… <- That’s what I meant by “Depends On The Niche”

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Shout outs mean I put it (mention, shoutout) themself in other my accs.

@dkv023 In this case I agree with @YungBuck. If your only goal is to get money from AdSense then getting more and more traffic is crucial. I think you can do this with niche related blog posts and if they are targeted well, the visitors will also click your AdSense advertisements.

I personally think you will never get enough traffic from instagram to your website to monitise with adsense as you have only on link in the bio and you would need 10,000 of clicks a day to your website.

You would need multiple large 1M + accounts to stand a chance


I dont need 10K clicks to my website. I just need 500 visitors from IG to my website. Maybe it is not hard to get only 500 visitors I dont know.

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500 visitors to your website would be around $2 - 3 in Adsense earnings at best

You need 500 visitors A DAY ?

Really, that is a lot if it has to come from IG.

I have lots of websites with Adsense. I make about E 15 for each 1000 pageviews. They come from Google. It works ok. But I think it is not the best way to rely on your traffic from IG.

Adsense is nice to get a little bit of money from MANY visitors.

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For google how many unique articles I must have to get 500 visitors? I have 300 copypast articles and get 30 visitors :slight_smile:

Now I will be glad to earn 3$ per day!

try facebook/pinterest deopending on your niche, it’s easier to monetise adsense there.

You want to do facebook group sharing 10 accounts posting to 10 groups a day and 100 twitter accs following/unfollowing retweeting your main account would get you to 500 views a day alot quicker than growing an instagram account/s


Copy/paste articles will not give you much traffic from google. But I think @daverawcus advice sounds really nice! Facebook group sharing and Twitter…

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You sure about FB nowadays? It is difficult to create FB accs and keep them from getting ban. And sharing in groups the same articles will not bring traffic I think. With twitter I must has different domens. I think 10 accs = 1 domain. I do twitter by I always get banned. With twitter I must spent on proxies and sms verification. With pinterest I must create nice-looking pins by Canva. And I dont know if anybody see these pins. Yes I have 1 pinterest account but I have from it zero traffic. I thinking about Flipboard but I dont know how to get traffic.

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Are you sure that you want to continue with internet marketing ? You see problems everywhere. I have FB accounts, most of them are doing fine. I have Twitter accounts. They are doing fine. And yes, you need proxies. And yes, you need sims for phone verification. And yes, it costs money.

You are trying to make money with a website with old copy/paste articles and you are hoping that the traffic will come by itself ? If you are not willing to invest and work hard it is better to quit. Complaining here and showing doubts about advice you get will not help you.


Pal Im nor from USA, Canada, I dont have much money for investing. And yes I invested in twitter. I have many Google Voice but it is not work for stupid Facebook. I really dont understand FB. I created few accs by proxies. One of them had or have issue. When I registered from home IP and then move to this proxy and it worked. So it look like some proxies can be bad for registration but still work on FB.

I think most of us here are not from the USA, so it’s not a good reason to complain about this. I live in a country where average salaries are just a couple hundred dollars and I can also solve it. You can invest in what you really want (proxies, softwares etc in this case). Just learn! :slight_smile: you should always look for new informations and techniques because sometimes internet marketing is tricky and isn’t as straightforward. Sometimes you get banned and you need to handle this. That’s how this goes. :smiley:

Even then it’s unlikely, one of my acc is organically grown and has 1 million followers - it gets around 1500 click throughs per week

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Yeah that confirms that for driving traffic for adsense Instagram is useless

Ecom different story

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Yeah, you may wanna try Twitter, FB and Pinterest (in addition to). Instagram will not bring you a lot of traffic at all. There are services where you can get them to a post on your site - linkinbio, etc. However, the traffic is just too minimal.

You would be wasting a lot of your precious time. You need to do an assortment of things on ALL platforms to probably get the desired traffic you need to get AdSense clicks. Also, with all the ad-blockers these days, you really need to think beyond AdSense. Getting traffic to go beyond AdSense. Once, I got a bunch of Pinterest traffic (I’m in the U.S.), and I got not a lot at all. I had like 100,000 visitors for that month (Yes, 100,000, and the amount I got from AdSense was laughable). Just my two cents … Good luck.

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