Instagram Agency: Follow-Up Emails with Questionnaires

Hey. I am wondering any of you using follow-up emails and send questionnaires/surveys for your clients? The form is needed for a client to fill up (to import content, provide IG account credentials, and other details). How do you guys deal with it? I want to optimize/automate everything.

I am thinking of this route:

  1. Client pays for the service online. We send a Thank You email to his email as well as a Follow-Up email. In Thank-You email we send an invoice as well as order number
  2. In Follow-Up email we ask a client to full-fill necessary details by clicking a provided link (Google Forms link)
  3. In Google Forms we ask the client to type his order number and answer other details related to the order.

What do you think about it? Is it possible to make a drag-and-drop link where he can drop his content and we get it automatically (for posting content on his IG account)? Also, I thought that the client needs to type his order number in Google Forms so we can validate the order and avoid scammers who somehow get the google forms link and put random order number to get free services.

If anyone has any tips how to optimize and process the ordering/submitting operation, I would appreciate :slight_smile: