Instagram Agency Website?

I manage 15 accounts currently (personal accounts of mine & friends) smallest account is at 7k now and most of the older accounts I manage have passed 20k including my own

I have people reaching out all the time for me to manage their accounts and have been turning it down because honestly, I hate Instagram management but getting paid to look over accounts probably 1-2x a day real quick doesn’t sound too bad and i can just drop the annoying clients

If anyone has recommendations and has an agency that would be sweet to hear about

Ideally, I would be able to send potential clients to the page
have them sign up and pay
give me a little more information about their page as far as niche/targeting
enter account credentials and then just manually import them into my bot
maybe a analytics page for clients or just send them the igblade white label page
(do i need a registered business to set up recurring payments?)

anyways hope you are all having a great 4th and thanks in advanced


I’m not exactly sure what your question is. Are you asking if anybody already has their own website or are you asking for help in building your own?

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More just insight as to where i should go to get this done/how to set it up so yeah for people who have websites…

If they dont want to share their own site thats fine it would just be cool to see what everyone else is running theirs on

Your website look really professional i was looking at your pricing packages as well for standard growth you just do follow/unfollow what about your higher tiers m/s or how do you go about that?

If you dont want to share I understand and thanks for sharing your site with me :slight_smile:

No it’s not that. I just didn’t understand your question. I have a website but it’s not for generating social media marketing traffic. I believe @HamzaE does. I just tagged him to see if he can help you.

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You can just google IG Growth Management, there’s plenty of websites like that along with their prices (which is the most important if you ask me)

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I feel like pricing would depend on niche etc. some people will value it more than others I understand the pricing structure pretty well.

just needed some more insight for the website build
on boarding
and accepting payments really

not really for generating traffic I understand all that it was more of a

what platform should I use
and onboarding stuff for getting account information etc.

and this would be specific to ig growth and in some cases for local business/places I can reach out to local photographers easily content creation for scheduling

@Trevor_Carstensen If you’re looking for a payment processing system, I’ve used Stripe in the past and they were great.

hey man, i recently did just that. I was managing 6 clients with no site, no payment gateway, no organization and it was a nightmare. And I wanted to expand too. I spent more time asking people to pay than doing anything else. Build a site and a simple system and now its much more organized.

If you still looking for answers or just want to compare notes, I’m down to talk shop!

which wordpress themes free and paid both would be good for ig agency website?

my instagram agency website is in hebrew but u may take a look if u want

If you aren’t web, tech-savvy then the easiest way to do that is through something like shopify or wix where the whole website is setup and looks badass. Not too sure on the policies and guidelines on “social media services” but they are simple platforms easy to manage.

Personally, I have a couple setups that generate monthly income each using types of websites.

  • Some are through just Paypal links (+redirect to thank you) from a ClickFunnels Landing page
  • I have one that is CF + Stripe for client who don’t like Paypal.
  • Also one through Paypal Webhooks that takes payments or recurring payments automated

Literally anything will work as long as it can accept payments :slight_smile:


I have a website already in place. It will collect the client information, forward you a copy of that information send you a text message and automatic bill the client each month on autopay. If interested send me a message

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