📰 Instagram allowing businesses to schedule their posts

Not much to say about this… but I am surprised it took this long. New features like this are definitely a game changer for organized posting, and something Facebook has had for ages.

More importantly, it’s a bit confusing and seemingly limited to third-party use via the API for now:

  • Unfortunately, the official support for post scheduling doesn’t extend to ads, nor is it directly available with the product itself.

  • Instead, the support is being added to Instagram’s API – meaning that social media software applications like Hootsuite, Sprout Social or SocialFlow now have access to the functionality, which they can then add to their own products. Instagram says the API is available to all of Facebook’s Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners.

  • Hootsuite is one of the first partners to implement the API.

What do you all think this means for those third-party sites and apps that schedule content for you? Will this eventually bleed over to personal accounts as in in-app feature?

Edit: Quote feature and post editing is apparently broken here. Quoted myself to get quote tags working, now I can’t even remove it. /shrug

Edit 50: Probably largely in relation to API updates


There goes the neighborhood!


Nice! Lol maybe they were waiting for more demand (lol @ 16 million requests from Hootsuite customers) and to watch other companies incorporate scheduling features first

Plus, now more incentives to switch over to business accounts. Ive been getting many questions from my clients/friends asking if they should switch… well now I hope they see that its a major go

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Definitely going to make life alot easier, and not have to worry about using software that goes against ToS ending up decreasing reach will be nice for sure. I’ll probably start testing it out with Hootesuite in the near future on new accounts to see how it affects everything. However, this will probably lead to more people adding hashtags on the actually caption instead of adding them in comments? Thoughts?


Good news for client account managers!

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I have been thinking of switching to a business accounts. Especially coz it means you can add links to your stories and add contact info etc. But I don’t recall where, but on a forum discussion I read that business accounts see much less engagement than regular accounts. I wonder if that still holds true.

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