Instagram Analytics - How to Read?

Hey Guys,

I’ve had this question for the past couple of months as I’ve begun to rely more heavily on analytics. Right now, I’m perplexed as to what these analytics mean - because they seem very far off from what I actually receive. Below are my analytics from a 165k follower acocunt

  1. Profile Visits - I’m gaining roughly 1k followers a day through MS. This means those followers HAVE to visit my profile to follow my account. No idea why it says 2,699 for a week as that’s very low relative to followers gained (not accounting the people that visit that don’t follow)

  2. Website Clicks - I put a website link up for 15 hours in my bio and got 800 clicks during that period. IG says I’ve gotten 107. I understand people may share links and such outside IG, but no way at the rate of 1 internal click to 8 shares.

  3. I maybe get ONE email from Ig followers a week. IG says that I’m getting 80 - I checked my spam and there’s nothing. Where could these emails be going?

Maybe I’m reading the analytics wrong, but something seems extremely off with these analytics. Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on what could be going on (or if I’m missing something).



That’s weird I see what you mean.

I am going to check my analytics on some of my accounts to see if they are off like yours. I will report back soon.

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Your info is not right at all.

These are mine with an account with 3.5k followers and around 75 new/week.

Btw, how are you gaining 1k/day wow.

Well that doesn’t help at all - what is wrong with my information?

Edit: I think I see what you mean - you’re saying that something must be screwed up with the analytics. Agreed! Sorry for jumping to conclusion. And, I’m growing through Child method

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Perfect - I think the answer is that MS skews analytics. But, was curious to see what others have heard

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lol 107 website clicks at 100k+ followers …

The 80 emails statistic just means that 80 clicks were made.

It’s not the amount of emails that have been sent, rather how many times the email button has been clicked.


That is what I’m sayin - the link got 800 clicks in 15 hours. I can see this on the bitly analytics

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How many slaves are you running for this kind or result?

I recon that those “mistake” clicks comes from where the link is actually positioned on the bio.

When I participate in an engagement group and try to like/comment quite quickly, I myself click phone number or email very often due to where it is (you simply scroll to the persons feed and because screen is sensitive it takes it as a “click”).

I am not saying this is 100% the case, but some of them may come in this way. People got redirected from child account, the main one is opening, they rushing to see your feed and click it. Could this be responsible for some of them?