Instagram analytics tool for everyone! [dashboarding system]


Hi guys! After socialblade’s die, I needed a tool that allows me to check my daily stats. I haven’t find any good solution, so I’ve decided to create it.
The tool I’ve created allows Instagram users and social media manager to track Instagram stats, without registration or other things :grin:
And new cool features are coming soon! So I would be happy if anyone of you could find this a good alternative.
You can find it at

Tell me if you notice any bug or if you have suggestions! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Looking for Analytics

Just put in some usernames! Lets see how it works! :wink:


Hey this is pretty cool ! Its working fine and waiting on the cool features as right now it displays basic info. Its a good start and good luck


Looks very simple and interested in seeing how this grows mate. Well done. Thanks @francescovaglia


Really cool hahaha, thanks! :star_struck:


Thanks for the share :slight_smile:


not bad,
For the same reason, I created a version for self-installation :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot to everyone! :slight_smile: tell me if you have some features you want added and I will work on it :grin:


Hashtags track,best times for posting stuff like this,bulk copy paste for list of accounts. :smiley: usefull stuff


Love the UI. Great job, man! Testing it out now. :smiley:


Great share! Awesome work and really neat design man.


I tried using the link but it doesn’t provide any analytics only adds the user into the database. Please advise.


Same as with sociablade. If no one ever before added it to the database there is no analytics.
But now they are added and will track the stats.



Thanks @ther3frigerator! :grin: It’s the right reason.

After 3 days, who’s still using the service? How do you find it? Any bug? :slight_smile:


It would be great to receive a daily automated email listing all my client’s growth results, so i can see which accounts need attention :slight_smile: That would be awesome!


It’s coming! I’m creating a user area! Coming in the next week, stay tuned :grin:


Definitely staying tuned for this feature! #yourock


Looking forward to using this tool. Great job @francescovaglia


I don’t know if this will be of any help for your tool, but I thought I would share about

  • They measure the quality of the influencers’ followers by quality distribution. This predicts how likely it is for the followers to see the postings, based on their Instagram activity and number of followings.
    Very good 60-120 followers
    Good 120-400 followers
    Medium 400-700 followers
    Bad 700-1000 followers
    Very bad more than 1000 followers

  • A good quality follower is also a followers who recently liked (they don’t look at comments).

Follower/likes ratio
Good engagement rate is more than 3,5%
Very good engagement rate is more than 5%

  • Based on these 3 factors (distribution, activity and engagement) they rate the influencer.

  • Data goes back to 90 days

  • No data on stories

InfluencerDB sells their data for 189$ per month and you can only check 25 profiles every month.


I have done all of this, all, but on php - and this MF just bring my VPS down, because it was slow and I’m not a php guru to optimize the code, so I just throw it all away, goddamn, who knows that socialblade will be broken and we all will be in need of some analytics tool…damn, i’m lazy ass