Instagram analytics tool for everyone! [dashboarding system]


I’m working on this feature right now :slight_smile:


Well, Instagram is one of the best social platform at this moment, and a lot of people want grow on it (to become influencer, to improve their social skills and other). So OwlStat permits to you to check if you are doing good your work on Instagram! You can easily check if you’re growing or if you’re going down with your followers.
It helps a lot of social media manager to manage in the best way all their managed accounts.
And last but not least, there are a lot of ‘simple’ users curious of their numbers :slight_smile: hope you will start using it!


I just got a “under maintenance for new users” but… i’ve used it since the first post you put out…

any suggestions?


I’m so sorry for this inconvenience. This is caused by someone who’s trying to make down this website. Any way you should access anyway to your a stats page!
Tomorrow in the morning the website will work again, also with new users!

So sorry.


Whoa… who the f**k is trying to take down your website mate?! Instgram or just some random asshole?

When did it start happening?


I don’t really know who he is. I just know that someone were inserting 100 profile per minute with ip rotation systems. So I had to ‘pause’ my website :frowning:


If they where inserting 100 real existing profiles and not random junk data, then I’d guess that this is someone, very likely here and reading this :face_with_raised_eyebrow: who is overlealous in trying to add a lot of accounts into the system, and not a DOS attack with intent to harm the site. If it’s not real accounts being entered then it is a DOS attack…

I used some scripts to enter large amounts of accounts into Socialblade (so I could scrape data a month later), where they did have a limit in how many accounts you could add or look up in a time frame, but it was quite generous and did not ban or blacklist IP’s long term just for adding a lot of accounts, in my experience.

Anyways, I had on my to-do list to make some changes to my script to enter accounts into your site, but I was gonna ask first if that’s allowed by you since I don’t want to mess with or get blocked from a nice free useful service you provide :wink: My script moves at the speed of a normal human entering accounts, so 1 every 5-10 seconds. I’d like enter all my categorized by-niche source accounts and prospective clients, that would be a pain in the ass by hand.

There was a also a nice project for a Social Blade scraper in the pipeline here on the forum by @hvp17 ( I did not forget about that :disappointed_relieved:) … I think you can expect more scrapers and automaters to show up on your site sooner or later :scream::stuck_out_tongue:


Well good thought! But they were like too much celebrities profiles…so I don’t know if someone could be interested in a lot of account with like 3mln of followers :grin: but a lot, lot…

And also cloudflare (a system used to avoid ddos attack) notified me about like 20000 requests in a small range of time, unusually for my website! I could obviously appreciate if someone is using intensevely my website! It’s a pleasure for me. But if someone is trying to break it, I’m not so happy :rofl:


Yeah that was unfortunate, I finished it and the same day SB stopped working.

Well at least I got some good code for my other related app :smiley:


Ouch man, that’s harsh. I cant believe it, we where so close to seeing its release :sob:
Well I’m glad all your work did not go to waste and you have a positive outlook on it… when life gives you lemons, make lemonade :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, I’m so going to use this one for my main two accounts :slight_smile:


Hi mate, so I found a small one.
On the hashtags, some of them have a bunch of text on the back. Like:


I know it’s small and does not affect me in any but since you asked.
Bye the way this tool is really great :+1::grin:


Thanks man! Fixed it now :slight_smile:


is your stats working with official instagram API? just curious. or 3rd party scrappers?
PM me.


Just upgraded OwlStat’s database! Now it should be a lot faster. Check it out :smiley:

10% off discount for MPSocial users! PM me for info :smiley::owl:


Anyone tried the premium version of this tool?


This is pretty cool.


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Hello guys! I’ve done a lot of upgrade on OwlStat since I wrote here in the last months. Hope you can find useful the new tools (Hashtags finder and Post analysis)!
Also, I’m giving a 10% OFF on all plans for all the users (‘10OFF’ during the checkout). I hope you can appreciate it :slight_smile:


nice work mate! Grande!