Instagram analyzes what's in the picture you post!

Instagram is improving so much, makes me kinda scared of the future of jarvee


They use similar tech to analyze images as google ect and it only get more accurate over time.

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That is not new tho, it just got pushed to the more public endpoints of Instagram recently. I cannot tell you exactly when that has been added to the json, since I do not manage the json parsing myself. It greatly helps saving costs on image recognition if Instagram does it for you already for pre-categorization. Also more business account informations have been pushed to the public endpoints recently, which where only available in the mobile endpoints before.


Don’t be scared .

Of course Instagram does that, they are an image based social media company, I would do it too. And they have been doing it for a long time.


It’s a fact they they analyze it, and it’s nice that we can see ‘some?’ of that information, question is, how much do they actually analyze? I am pretty sure that now instagram, together with facebook has a detailed database of faces (especially of famous people) , so if you are trying to post selfies that don’t belong to you, IG might reject them.
However, they don’t have this information for videos, probably because it requires a lot of resources to process video. They are most likely doing so called ‘surface checks’ for pornography,animal abuse etc.

I don’t have this issue myself, but one of my clients reported issues about posting ‘babes’ content :thinking: , so I just ran a little test to see how hard is it for instagram to detect images,

Numbers are the transparensy of static noise. I’m sure that some people have made much more comprehensive tests on this topic, and probably you can get away with decent quality images without recognition.


IG is owned by FB, so they use the same algo to analyze pics.
This might interest you:

As a few users mentioned above, yes IG does have image analyzation… being a part of fb, its likely they’re using or will soon be using the same recognition software in the future.

When I started doing IG automation, it was always proper protocol to clean and rename images before posting them. It still is a good practice, but I can say that it doesn’t always make a huge impac. I’ve created approx 200 accounts with the same images, didn’t clean them or change filenames, have been using them on ipv6 proxies… majority of them on the same subnet, and they’ve been active and running fine for a few months. (accounts were created in November 2018)

By no means am I saying that its good practice, and I would actually advise you not to do that… and to follow regular protocol of cleaning said images as well as renaming the file names. I did it solely as a test, and a bit out of lazines. I didn’t create these accounts with longevity in mind, and by no means recommend anyone following suite with any accounts they’re trying to grow… or any accounts period. Just thought I would share my results with everyone.


well youtube analyze video since a long time, not really impress that they do it for images on a images social network.

Does this mean MP could use that data to match against a new source? So if we typed in tree it would find all the tree pictures?

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hey by the way is it safe to post the same content on over 100 instagram account ?


Very late reply but, I am new here and wanted to share my little knowledge about that point.

It’s called Big Data analysis and Machine Learning is used in it. Companies who use those methodologies for their data processing doing it for improving search queries. What does it change?

More readable your image is it is much more possible to be featured during searching.
For ex. if you are using the eCommerce web page it is better to picture your products on white background, it increases readability much more.



Many tech companies use this technology, google photos (not google images), are pros in this. I can go in and search for anything through my library, in detail. If I ask it to show me pictures of german shepherds, it will show me exactly that, it won’t just show me any dog. Their facial recognition is incredibly accurate as well, my friend sent me a picture of her as a baby, and google photos automatically knew it was her and put the picture under her name.
Facebook uses advanced recognition too, ever seen this message on a picture “Do you want to tag x in this picture”, and its pretty accurate, x would actually be the person in the picture!

Actually, when you grab an image from Instagram using their API, one of the parameters they return is a “accesibility caption” which is a description of the image generated by Instagram using all the techniques mentioned in this post. The fact that they provide it under the “accesibility caption” tag shows that they use it for visualy imparied people, but I’m sure they use it for much more than that, like removing inapropiate photos, making sure your actual caption and hasthags match the image, etc.

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