Instagram api to build Android apps

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows here how to deal with a private instagram api to build Instagram related Android apps like Instagram analytics and such.

Some one here knows how to deal with this?

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You can find private API source codes on github.

For example this one:
It’s built with javascript, so you can create an app using react-native.
If you want a native app (ie: Java), you may need to convert the API to java (not hard to do, but kind of annoying).

Don’t know if you’ll have problems with TOS from IG.

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Okay thank you, I’m not a developer but actually looking for one to develop some apps related to Instagram for me. Are you available?

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Unfortunately not. very busy days

I felt that ig would keep the bees in the coming months … truth or falsehood?

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What does that mean ?

in the past months I have heard that instagram in the future will close the APIs therefore creating applications on it is highly risky.

Yeah I heard something to… wonder if that will effect the private apis

It depends what kinda of api development you’re looking for. I think you’ll need someone that specializes in Instagram API’s. It depends what you’re looking for thought :slight_smile:

Building an Instagram analytics app. There are many on the Google play store