Instagram App crashing

Hi, my business Instagram account keeps crashing. I have re installed Instagram it but it still crashes. I have also factory reset my phone and still no luck. The scary thing is that it’s now happening on different devices as well and my business is out of action. This is really freaking me out because I lost my first account 2 years ago and have finally built it back up. Dose anyone know what this is? It’s been around 4 days now

Which phones are you using?

Do other accounts work on those phones?

Do you have any problems logging into the account on your computer?

Have you tried using a different IP?

Hi, all 3 phones are iPhones one 8 one 7 and one 11 which is my business partners who is currently in LA (I’m in Australia)
It’s only our business account that crashes not our private accounts.
The account does work on the computer and I can use the desktop version through chrome on my iPhone.
It doesn’t make sense, I have seen a few complaints of this on Twitter but not many. Also my it all started weeks ago with my stories glitching.

You using any automation?

No we are not using anything like that