Instagram asks verification code by Phone number instead of Email

Hi everyone, do you guys have a problem that Instagram asks verification code by Phone number instead of Email?
The trouble is… I use phone numbers from online service (Smscodes) and I can’t get the number again.
If you have this problem, do you have any method to bypass the verification?
I have tried reset password and it always asks code from the phone.
Thank you so much and have a good day!

You need to remove the phone number to get EV. if you’re not logged in to that account on any other devices, then it’s not possible to remove your phone number or bypass the PV. The only way to solve it is contact IG support.

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It is a headache to contact facebook support. Do you know easier or quicker way?

do you know any links to contact IG support?

Go to your profile and tap. Tap Settings. Tap Help > Report a Problem, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

he mean cannot login at all.

somethings like this

you can check this thread

@ossi is there anyway you can help me recover my Instagram

not quite the same thing, but did you guys notice that when a new acc is registered using phone number only - it won’t allow changing name/bio until the phone number is verified. I found a workaround which is to add a new ph nr or email and then I can make changes. Email doesn’t require to verify to make bio/name changes which is great.

However, it won’t let me change the name no matter what, get this error:

But the name has never been changed it was registered and left as is 4 days ago.

We have seen this on a very low % of accounts (< 5%). Instead of your workaround, you can just use a fake email instead without verifying it, it will do the job.

The name was “changed” from them because you tried to verify it right after changing the email / #number. Instead, change the email / #number, then go home page, then come back and do your name changes. Otherwise, IG sees it like a change request (even if it didn’t) and you’ll just need to wait 14 days. No big deal anyway

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Yea both points work as you say, I actually figured it out when messing with it haha. And it is true, adding fake email and then changing the name even right after saving it - works. But if I tried to change the name - it pops the 14d problem, change the email and try again now it’s stuck on 14d thingie. Can still remove but not add. Weird lol.

But removing the name completely does work and can add just bio so all good. Cheers

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if the account is logged in somewhere else you can remove or replace the number. or you have to find any other way to get it for once at least.