Instagram automation / botting

Hey guys!
As many people here, I’ve been off JV and IG for a while due to 0 motivation (basically too many banns)
I over read a couple of threads where people were talking about Android bots¿

Can you guys help me out a little with all this please¿ what android bots are you using ¿ are you getting blocks too¿

Thanks so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello there,

No matter which kind of bots you’re gonna try, you might get some blocks - even basic IG users gets blocks.

The deal is trying to avoid them as much as possible :slightly_smiling_face: Well, if you want to go for a bot, you won’t find better than JV in terms of filters and cost-effectiveness.


As far as I have witnessed those android bots mentioned in here all hit a wall.
It doesn’t matter which tool you use. No tool is invisible to IG. They know very well when you login through any 3rd party app.

The trick is to find a very close “human” like behavior to act on these platforms/automation tools.

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Well… basic android bot will get less blocks then chrome based advanced one IME
so getting a block once in 2 weeks or every 3 days is matter.
Anyway those blocks are fake one … nothing to fear of, but botting became hard.

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why don’t you first go back into manual to get a’feel’ for the game after you been out – then you will have a better understanding of exactly what you need. Hell, you could might just do very good and all you really ‘need’ is to automate publishing.


which bot is the one youre using¿


No substantial differences using android bots atm. You’re better off doing some manual until you get the hang of it, just like @Alexnvo said.

Does anyone have any good scraper settings for the follow tool in JV? My client accounts are running smooth but my scraper accounts are getting constant API Scrape Blocks

If your interested in outsourcing your clients hit me up.

I found a solution and yes it does involve doing the actions on an actual phone.

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There is a solution for us all. DC proxies, Api and to follow in short batches adding up to 200 a day.

Don’t try to steal clients. :+1:


Are you using EB ?

I don’t understand what the problem is with automation. Everything works

It works, but not as good as it used to be

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When there is an understanding of errors, and how to deal with them. It works more than well as before. And does not bring such irritation as many. Also, the focus of your attention should be shifted not to the number of subscriptions per day, but to the best result of mutual subscription

Then you were not botting before june 2019 :trophy:


I’ve been working with bots since 2014. This is one of the reasons why I can still work)

Do you know how could I get an android bot? I would like to test one out.

none that is avialabe to public. anyway not the best results + hard to maintaine.