Instagram automation for main account

Is it still possible to automate follow unfollow like comments story views for your main account or is that dangerous now?

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Dangerous - Not worth the risk for the minimal growth.

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Follow/unfollow is not dangerous but minimal growth results 350-600 per month so if you are a new account and need a push its not bad but for any bigger account its not worth. If you increase your actions or combine doing together f/u, commenting, likes, expect AC and actions blocks…

There is a way to do most of that. You just have to know how

Your better off doing it manually. Think there were some manual growth services but they require your account details.

Otherwise do it yourself.

I am doing Follow/Unfollow and sometimes story viewer, and I am getting good results, you just need to get good proxies.

What’s good results?

No verification issues and growing the accounts nicely

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yes, you can still do that but very carefully, using good proxies, good accounts, vey low settings at the start and scrapers that will do API calls instead of the main accounts.

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