Instagram automation via Jarvee (TIPS HELP)

Hey, I have a feeling the post I am about to present to you guys has been created around 100000x times on the internet before, I wanted to ask again on this forum as I feel there are a lot of experienced individuals here from what I saw, by no means am I looking for free private methods but I just wanted to ask for some directions as I feel a bit lost.

-What proxies are you guys using?
-How many accounts per proxy?
-Where can I buy aged accounts that will work with Jarvee?

If so can anyone assist me or guide me in the right direction I would be VERY grateful.
Any good tutorials, guides etc. Please guide me somewhere :slight_smile:
I will be so grateful. Thank you a ton!

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Thank you for that, I have read through it before but wanted to hear someone’s personal experience :slight_smile:

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No problem, also forgot to include this to buy accounts :fire: Instagram Accounts with or without Followers - Cheapest ever (Stock clearance)

The public market place has other people selling as well, I believe

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Mobile Proxies: For client accounts/Personal Accounts/High-quality Slaves (From @Verona)
IPv6: (From @WoWInsta) for scrapers (1:1)

Usually 10 Max per Proxy

Check on Public Market Place. I’m using accounts from @tux and @Verona

Good Luck


I will check this out for sure thank you!

Everything sounds good :slight_smile: is there any way we can talk via dm? Thank you so much again!

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