Instagram Automation? 😂


get yourself some employees so you won’t be wasting a lot of time an accounts creator - get your own sim cards and hire someone to do PV’s !
i bought 500 sims for 0.3$/each from an illegal seller in my city

you can go as far as making your own rdp and proxies too! but that will take much of your time as there’s cheap options on those 2

But you you should focus on bringing in customers and do the main stuff!

i hired lazy friends! it’s a win win! they just wanna do what you tell em to do! they ain’t intrested in the bus they wanna make fast bucks without stress


your username in my country means rolling paper for tobacco/weed


I know those rolling papers lol! I go my Rizzo to most people, so Rizzla is my little twist on it :wink:

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Wins all day!

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What city do u live in haha I need those sims?:joy:

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marrakech in morocco

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Dang far away from Panama haha. I’m going to look for someone local, I’ve got my VA looking as well. That seems to be the most expensive part of this M/S game so far.

Yap, i did that too.
High five.


damn these american corporations i wish i could get sims for 0.03 USD!


The american dream haha

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I feel that last part .

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In some countries you can get sim cards for free :slight_smile:

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Automation all the way!!

:joy::joy::joy: I’m from Kenya and that’s what we call those papers too.