Instagram Avatar Creation: A How-To Guide

:memo:Creating an Instagram Avatar: A Step by Step Guide :memo:

:face_with_monocle: If you are looking for a perfect guide in building a strong and keen Instagram avatar, you luckily found the one. We made a guide that will help you to easily set up one. Do not even put it off any longer if you want to advertise your company or personal brand on Instagram with the aid of IG avatars.

:point_right:t2::point_right:t2: There are steps that you need to follow in creating Instagram avatars. First thing is to look for a supplier, a trusted one to buy the accounts, followed by doing the most essential part of building avatars, warm up - starting from adding email address, phone numbers down to selecting of profile pictures, doing scrapers, reposting and buying of followers, likes and comments that is needed for your reposted photos. It would take at least seven (7) days for you to complete the warm up stage. Of course, there would be random actions to do right after the initial warm-up period in which you will follow people, talk to them by sending DMs or comments and to do interactions as well such as liking posts. With this, you will improve more the credibility of your account.

:+1::heavy_check_mark:By following all of the steps in the guide that we created, we can assure you that you’ll have a good Instagram avatar.

Feel free to talk to us if you have questions about IG avatar creation or you may read the guide we created for further details! :thought_balloon:

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Instagram Avatar Creation: A How-To Guide

Steps: How to CONNECT an IG account

Day 0: Connecting the account/s

  • Buy Instagram accounts from a trusted supplier.
  • Connect the IG accounts on Jarvee

  • Make sure that you’re under Instagram when you add an account

  • Format for the username and password is like this

  • After ticking the box you have to scroll down to see the settings

  • Then scroll down again after.

  • When you proceed to the proxy manager to add a proxy make sure that you select a VALID PROXY


In layman’s terms, proxies are protectors of your accounts from being flagged or disabled. It serves as a mask of your real IP address and acts as a unique IP address of your accounts (as we all know, having too many accounts connected to a single IP address is flagged as a suspicious activity. Hence, running your accounts without a proxy or a reliable one is a very dangerous step in starting automation.

  • Once you followed the steps, it will appear like this

  • When you reach the SOCIAL PROFILES just scroll down or look for the account that you added. Mind that it has a PENDING status. [ Usually it is located at the bottom part ]

  • After you click VERIFY ACCOUNT the status will turn to INITIALIZING. The status should be VALID, you can still connect another account while waiting for it to be valid.

Avatar Creation: A How-To Guide

Steps: How to WARM UP an IG account


  • Click the accounts’ name

  • Wait for it to load

  • Once you’re in the accounts’ profile, click EDIT PROFILE

  • Then scroll down and find EMAIL

  • After you click SUBMIT, click again Profile

  • Then click EDIT PROFILE
  • Scroll down to the EMAIL part
  • You’ll see there a button CONFIRM EMAIL
  • Click that button so that you will be able to verify the email address

  • To verify the email address you have to go to GMX.COM

  • Once you’ll reach this page, click LOG IN

  • Input the Email and the Password
  • Then click INBOX

  • Look for the message containing CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS

  • Click confirm email address

  • Then click OK

Email has been verified!

Adding Phone Number

  • Proceed immediately to profile

  • Click EDIT PROFILE and scroll down to the PHONE NUMBER part

  • Input the PHONE NUMBER then click SUBMIT

  • Click PROFILE
  • Then click EDIT PROFILE
  • Scroll down and you’ll see the CONFIRM PHONE NUMBER
  • After clicking you will be directed to the page where you can input the CODE
  • Once you will input the code you’re account is good to go and ready for the next process




  • Open the account


  • After adding the username and bio, SCROLL DOWN and click SUBMIT
  • You can exit the ACCOUNT then do the next step

Day 3 - Follow Actions

  • First things first, open the account by clicking browse embedded

  • Once the account is open or accessible follow the step below to do follow action

Steps: How to Import Scrapers in Bulk

  • First is you need to go to the server where you can create a sheet for importing

  • If you already open the server and you’re in the Social Profile go directly to ADD PROFILE

  • Once you click Add Profiles follow the instruction below in order to reveal the sheet for importing

Here’s the sheet for importing

  • You need to remove the written text in the sheet. How? Follow the instructions below:
  • Highlight row 2, 3 and 4

  • After which, right click and click CLEAR CONTENTS

Note: Buy before or after scrapers from a trusted supplier

  • If you already have with you your scrapers, you need to copy it .

  • After that you need to open another sheet (see photo)

Note: That sheet will be the placement of the scrapers that you copied or bought. Keep in mind that you cannot simply paste the scrapers directly into the sheet.

  • You need to open a NOTEPAD first
  • PASTE the scrapers IN the NOTEPAD
  • Then PASTE it in the SHEET

So it will look like this…

  • Next, you need to follow this for the scrapers

  • HIGHLIGHT first the column where you paste the scrapers

  • Click DATA


  • For the SEPARATOR, you need to IDENTIFY the separator on the scrapers it self

(It could be a COLON, SEMICOLON, COMMA or etc)

  • You go directly here (see photo) and click to choose for the separator

(If you will choose for a separator you can click CUSTOM and select the right separator for the scrapers)

  • Next HIGHLIGHT the scrapers (username and password) then go to the sheet in the server (show demo import file).

  • Paste the scrapers in the sheet

  • Type the name of your scrapers

Note: Put also a number right before the name of your scrapers
Example: avatar scrapers 1

  • In order for the automatic input of the name, double click the arrow under the name of your scrapers (see photo)

  • For the next columns which are columns D E and F , those are for the proxy
    (proxy url, username, password)
  • To get the it, go back to the sheet where you paste the scrapers first

  • You need to copy proxy url, username and password (it depends on the amount of proxy you bought)
  • Go back to the sheet where you have your scrapers

  • After that go to the TAGS and put scraper (keep in mind that you should input SCRAPER not SCRAPERS

  • Next is to input the DEFAULT EMAIL VALIDATION PORT which is 993

  • Then SAVE it (CTRL S)

  • Of course you need to close the file in order for it to be usesable but before closing it totally you need to familiarize or memorize the file name

  • After that you can close the file

  • Next, you go to the server where you want to import the said scrapers and follow the instructions below:

  • Look for the file (usually it is located in the Quick Access)

  • Once you found the name, click it once and click open then wait for it to be visible

  • It will turn out like this after you open the file that you saved.

It’s not the end yet, we still need to set up the settings. How? Follow these steps:

  • Double click the name of the scraper to open

  • Once you’re here in this part you need to scroll down a bit

  • Tick the box shown in the picture to start setting up the settings

  • Make sure to uncheck the box shown in the picture

  • Make sure to see that these three has check

  • Check the bottom part of the settings and make sure that these boxes has no checks

  • For you to copy the settings from the first account to the other accounts do the following steps:

  • Click Copy Setting

  • Before anything else, click first SELECT NONE then do the steps on the picture

NOTE: Please be reminded that there should always be a minus 1 in your scarpers take for example: (See photo)

The amount of scraper being imported [here] is 100, so the number of accounts that needs settings to be set up is 99

  • After that you click Select All

  • Follow the instructions on the picture

  • After that, click OK to finish setting up

  • Next step is to go back to social profiles to VERIFY the scrapers, so click SOCIAL PROFILES

  • Scroll to the right a little bit then click VERIFY to make the scrapers VALID

OR you can do the other way around

  • To verify the scrapers and if it’s not that a lot, click SELECT ALL


  • Scroll down a bit, look for VERIFY PROFILES, click and wait for the accounts’ status to be valid

How to Create Campaign and Destination List for Reposting

  • First things first, go to the server
  • Let’s start creating the campaign first. Click CAMPAIGN

  • Click ADD CAMPAIGN next


  • Name your campaign

  • Next is the DESTINATION LIST

  • Then click DESTINATION LIST to create one

  • Just like the CAMPAIGN of course you need to name the DESTINATION LIST to easily identify it.

The purpose of the names is to identify where to repost the content

  • To start, go to SOCIAL PROFILES and select from the newly warmed up avatars

[Given that you already chose an avatar]

  • You have to name the avatar the destination lists’ name that you did

EXAMPLE : the CAMPAIGN and DESTINATION LISTS’ name is FEMALE 22 so you also need to put FEMALE 22 on the AVATARS’ name (SEE PHOTO)


  • Then look for the DESTINATION LISTS’ name that you created, then click

  • Go to filter, type the name and DON’T FORGET to CHECK the boxes

  • Next, go to CAMPAIGN

  • Once you click campaign, look for the campaign’s name and click
  • Then go to WHERETO PUBLISH

  • Then you will be directed here after clicking the Destination list. Make sure that the box has a check mark

  • Click WHERE TO PUBLISH and FOLLOW the settings on the picture

  • For your information, all of the scraped photos/post will be placed here in the POSTLIST

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to review everything afterwards.

How to do Reposting for Avatars

  • First is to check what account you’ll going to do reposting

  • Then you need to get the LINK of the account that you will do reposting (meaning the link of the account that you’ll get pictures/posts with)
    [ Note: You don’t need to copy the whole link, just the USERNAME ]

  • You go to SOCIAL PROFILES and look for the tag SCRAPERS

This will be the time that we will use the scrapers we imported earlier

  • Choose a scraper and click it to open

  • Once you already click it, you have to name the scraper to avoid confusion and to easily identify it.

  • After putting a name, you go to tools

  • Then go to REPOST

  • Next is you need to go to SETTINGS first, then copy the settings on the picture

  • Scroll down and click ONLY the IMAGE

  • Make sure to click the box (see picture) and look for the CAMPAIGN NAME that you created

  • Scroll down and keep in mind to REMOVE THE TEXT IN THE BOX

  • Next, go to SOURCES (right next to settings)
  • Follow the instructions on the picture

Note: AGAIN, you only need the USERNAME of the account that you use for reposting not the whole link .

  • After that, you need to go back to the settings and toggle START you run the reposting

This is how it looks like

So to check if it is really running …

  • Go to CAMPAIGN

  • Look for the name of the campaign
  • Go to POST LIST

And as you can see there are two pictures, meaning it is running (more pictures will be added on the post list as time goes by)

Before you can call it for automation you also need to add PROFILE PICTURES to the AVATARS/ACCOUNT that you warmed up

So to add …

  • Select one photo in the post list
  • Screenshot it
  • Go to an editor like CANVA or any editor you prefer
  • Save it in the server
  • Go to the avatar/account


  • Select the PROFILE PICTURE that you edited
  • Then SAVE

Lastly, you need to buy FOLLOWERS, LIKES and COMMENTS for your account

Followers - you choose/select a trusted site where you can buy followers

Likes - you choose/select a trusted site where you can buy likes FOR YOUR SCRAPED IMAGES

Comments - you choose/select a trusted site where you can buy comments for your photos [ it depends on you on what kind of comments you wish to put, comments can be random or custom ]

NOTE: It is important to buy initial followers, likes and comments for your account to look like a real account and establish credibility with Instagram.

AND THERE YOU FINALLY HAVE IT. Your account is good to go and ready for automation.

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Lot of good value in this post.

One thing I will add is that its best to make your own accounts with a real phone, sims and 4G. Then you can change bio, add posts, add highlight and everything else on day one. This gives you the best trustscore as well as you know your accounts are good. A lot of the accounts in marketplace do not last long as slaves. The scrapers are great but slaves not so much.

I also suggest following heaps of big influencer accounts as this will bring in followers without having to pay for them.

Also you should post out to newbies that if they do all these same actions across lots of accounts there may be a chance they get linked.

Otherwise some great stuff :ok_hand:

  • One thing I actually am wondering. Do you use api or eb for growing slaves?

Ive always been a EB person but tried api and couldn’t get the delays right. They did about 20 follows and then got a delay. Ideally it would be 100 follows and they stay under the api limits.

Hey @heroeslair thank you for adding great ideas! As for our avatars, yes. We do use real sim cards than virtual numbers because they are more reliable and easier to use in case there is a need for another phone verification. I use EB with my accounts whether it is a main profile or just an avatar. Do you also purchase some followers as a start to make the accounts more credible?

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Nah I don’t purchase followers. I find following big accounts during warmup phase gets enough followers to get started.

I have purchased on a main account in the past but got shadowbanned so havn’t tried since. Personally I notice great follow backs on new accounts.

Is it cost effective buying fake likes and followers?

I see. That’s cool.

It’s a case-to-case basis. From our side, it’s an effective strategy as we do not have to wait for long period of time before the account can get enough followers. We do this because we observed that when we do automate fresh accounts (very few followers), it usually gets blocked or disabled easily.

Thank you for the great effort Tal_Klinger. As for the followers matter, I assume if the purchased followers are good quality then there is nothing wrong with purchasing some at the early stages.

10/10 for efforts :slight_smile:

You are welcome @Jaha Yes, you are right. Do you also run avatar accounts now?

Thank you @ggncool I hope it helps.