Instagram babe accounts promoting your main account

Hello guys

I have an instagram account about women fashion with 40k followers that I managed to gain by following and unfollowing several accounts manually. Each of my posts used to have 400 to 600 likes .
I used to repost pictures from women with nice clothing etc so I could build my profile with nice content. I then abandoned my account for 8 months and instagram altogether. I neither posted a single photograph nor did i follow or unfollow anyone else which resulted in a low post likes when i started posting again. I now get 50 likes . Whats wrong ?
I have since made this my personal account and i post my own stuff from several influencers i work with ( I started my own brand). Same content and same niche .
I am trying to achieve 200K followers the least and each of my posts to earn at least 2000 likes . I am not looking to buy fake followers or likes.
I did some digging on this and it turns out that if someone has a farm with insta accounts with the same woman fashion niche he could make these accounts promote my main profile/account etc . I am looking for someone who knows their sit and help me out.
What do you think?


I am looking for someone who has a network with accounts with real followers and can help me . can you hook me up with someone?

You might want to try using the search function of the website and look for mother/child or slave account service providers :slight_smile:

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Thank you :sunglasses: