Instagram Babe/ Hot Girls Accounts

Hey Guys,

i really own accounts in almost every niche.
Except one…Hot Girls/Babes

Now i’m thinking about starting a babe account because they are almost self growing, but i’m not shure what i have to avaid to not get banned.

I want to put a link into the bio so they sign up (CrakRevenue) on a Adult Site to see the models on my profile.

What do i have to avoid to not get banned (except posting totally nude pics) and do you guys have any other tips for babe accounts?

Thanks for all answers

I honestly wouldnt recommend you creating a hot girls account if you don’t want to get disabled. It’s already enough if a few people report your page. But if you really wanna go for it, keep it bikini level I guess and not too bitchy I guess :skull: