Instagram Ban Reasons

Hey guys I was curious about what are legit reasons Instagram would ban an account based on personal experience. I’ve only heard that they ban accounts if they are posting inappropriate content (nudity, gore, etc.) , intellectual property violations (using someone else’s photos/videos/content), bullying & harassment, pretending to be someone else, and spam.

You listed everything :joy:

This… it can mean a lot of things. Link in bio i.e. - if they don’t like it, you could get banned.

Publishing content of violence or suicide - Using tools for collecting lakes and followers - Impersonation - Copyright violations - Publishing sexual content - Sectarian publications - Selling drugs and alcohol.
and also more people get banned by mistake

Well, there are a few more reasons to get an Instagram account ban. The first one is Mass following & Unfollowing people. Well, you know that if you follow any people, they follow you back. Second is Liking & unliking any one’s post too fast is also a reason. Thirdly, Using a 3rd party app.

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I think that they only block your account for a few days for that, no?

Yeah I think that the max ban for that is 7 days and then you have to limit your activity for a couple days so you do not get another ban

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I recently got banned and paid someone to put in a request, it got denied this time but they said that any 3rd party app follow tracker/analytics tool etc is a no go and you should delete them. Maybe its scare tactics but it seemed pretty legit

What were you doing to get the ban? And how can you pay someone to put in the request?

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I shall pm you :slight_smile:

Since I have ordered some followers from several panels, I noticed that IG temporarily blocked the account receiving the followers. For 2 times it was the “phishing block”, stating that “you may have typed the password of your account on a Instagram-like site that stole the password. This fraud is called phishing…”, so it was necessary to change the password of the account. The third time a more dangerous error occurred, and I saw a pop-up showing the need to verify the account typing a code that IG sends with sms to the number of the account owner. This action should be performed before the term of 30 days or the account will be permanently removed.
I do not know why IG is doing this, since if it is so easy to be banned, so, for example, a business can send 10000 low-end followers to a competitor with the aim to ban the latter, and obtain that.
Note that the followers I ordered were 500 the first time and roughly 100 the second and third thme. They were MQ accounts, all with PP and posts, and roughly one third were real accounts. In my opinion the issue is that many of them dropped (and then I ordered new ones), so IG may think that I am using a bot, since followers increased and dropped several times.
Can IG also permanently ban the account?

Its more like a long appeal lock. I have not seen permanent bans yet.

Did you use any automation or third party on those accounts?

I have used no bots, just increased the number of followers ordering them on some panels.