Instagram banned accounts

Hi everyone,

Do you have any update regarding the situation on Instagram ? they’ve banned random accounts…


Yeah there has been a big wave. Lots of discussions have been happening in level 3. Not sure what the cause is yet

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Thanks for this answer !

Haven’t been hit yet :cold_sweat:


Neither. Most people were it seemed.


Didn’t hit me either. :roll_eyes: Feel bad for those that were. M using residential proxies :thinking: but on really really low settings. 60 slaves / 25 scrapers, only lost a few scrapers past week and had to replace those. How can i get on lvl 3 here on mp? Cheers

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Need to post alot and be helpful to get higher levels.

Yeah seems to have hit 4G mostly.

Got it, thanks! I’m here since 2019.

Interesting stuff in regards to 4G. I noticed when I was creative some of the scraper accounts with Jarvee, whenever I was using same IP subnet in a span of 3 days, the account creation woul fail. So when I was using say to create an account, first account would get created and everything good. Then if I would rotate the IP and create a new account with same subnet IP say the account creation would fail. It only worked if the subnet changes to let’s say 12.239.209.xx. So if the third number in the IP would be something else, the account would successfully be created. My conclusion was that IG takes a look at the subnets, at least on account creation it matters. :grimacing:

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Yeah I think most rotations change subnets, well should.

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Yes! Instagram has changed their TOS so people are getting banned on instagram. Just one thing can safe your account.

What did they change?

What exactly?

Helloo @Weight_Loss , What exactly?

Just message me so that i can tell you in detail

Hi, can you please message me on what can save my account

do you know where I can buy scraper accounts… I have been creating them but they keep getting deleted

anyone know solution? my all accounts is banned