Instagram banned my site's URL- help if possible

Hey everyone, hope all is doing well. I have an affiliate website with an IG account that I’ve ran for months with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Well, I messed up and accidently redirected my whole site to a CPA offer and Instagram caught it before I did. They’ve now banned my site for abuse ( it was an adult CPA offer). I had a couple questions:

  1. I’ve tried to contact IG support about it but for some reason I’m not able to from Memu, its giving me a bad gateway. Is there any other way to get ahold of them and get this site unblocked?
  2. Do they ever unblock sites or am I wasting my time?
  3. If I redirected another .com URL to this site would it get instabanned too? Keep in mind before I accidently redirected my site to the CPA offer I never had a bit of problems.

Thanks for any help!

I guess they will easily detect simple redirect, but you can still use something like this:
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probably yes, they visit the final site the redirect reaches and if they see it’s on their banned list they will probably ban that as well. You need to hide the final page behind a landing page of some sort where the user needs to make an action to get to your actual site. Or maybe change the domain of your site?

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Alright, thanks guys. Also, like I said, my site isn’t actually against their rules and they let it go for months now, it only got banned because of an accidental redirect to a adult CPA offer. Is there no chance they’d remove my site from the ban list?

Haven’t heard any URL getting banned before, but I am guessing they won’t unban it. I suggest you get another domain and copy paste the html.

Nah, cant just get another domain its an amazon affiliate site that I’ve been working on the SEO and shit not just a LP. Anyway- thanks guys

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Probably a bit late but did Instagram ever unban your site? Anyway, for the people still wondering, I got a few workarounds.

The first workaround, iFrame. Make a new site on a different domain, it doesn’t even need to be a domain, it can just be an IP address. This site will iFrame your master site, and as soon as the user tries interacting with the iframe (onClick, Onswipe, etc) you direct them to your master site with a ref. For SEO’s sake, you can also add the Canonical Tag.

The second workaround, embed a google search query link that has your site as the first result on your bio. This is easier but probably less effective