Instagram Black Flag accounts example

I have seen many people saying that such thing as “black flag” doesn’t exist but today I wann share with y’all my experience of how Instagram can kill your account and maybe someone here can help me to bring my acc back alive. (I will include an image)

Who am I and why am I reliable?
I am on Instagram since 3 years and I have grown 7 Instagram pages all together 450K followers. Right now I’m growing 4 more pages and all doing great, they all about to reach their first 10Ks
My niche is anime and i have i save strategy of how to grow a page with 100% success and be the lead page for any specific anime (besides official verified pages but even with those I can compete)

So what exactly happened?
About a year ago a very popular anime was released. ofc I was part of the people who started an Instagram page, as expected it blew up. I gained around 33K in short time and it was rapidity growing. I had no competitors at all I was the lead page with 30K followers ahead of the second place who had only 3K. First appear in the Instagram search and incredible increase in engagement. So good so far but one day suddenly my likes dropped from around 6k-12K per post (peak) to 1K or even less. I was wondering and thought of a simple shadow ban and after a quick check i was right. My hashtags didn’t appear at all. But this can’t cause such a huge drop in engagement. I switched to one my accounts and scrolled through the daily new feeds and noticed that my posts didn’t appear at all so I tried this with all of my other accounts and noticed that only 1 of 4 (back then I only had 6 pages) could see the posts, for all other pages I was a ghost unless they literally go to my page and check if I made a new post. So I was very confused but i thought it might be a simple glitch and decided to announce every single post in my story to make sure my followers will know whenever I post but I noticed that no one (a few hundred maybe 1K max only) could see my stories eventho 3-5K+ people viewed my stories before. And then I noticed the the worst part of all this dilemma. Next morning I was checking the followers and nothing not a single new follower at all, just a few hundred likes but that’s it. I checked my overall followers and I lost 100-200 followers. I was shocked. I checked immediately the search bar using a vpn and clean browser and here was the main point, my page completely disappeared from the search. Not just the lead position but completely gone, even if I typed the full name it didn’t appear. My account kept losing 100 followers daily for a few days. After a few days I had enough and thought I will fight this, so I started huge shoutout advertising campaign with my other pages and I gained literally HUNDREDS of followers daily but every time I checked my Instagram page next morning I had 50 followers less than the day before eventho I gained so many new followers with my shoutouts. After a few months my page appeared in the hashtags again as well as in the search bar. In the search I was LITERALLY the last position behind pages with no content and no followers at all. My like rate was still only 800-1200 likes and I kept losing 50 followers daily. But at least I started to make new followers eventho i kept losing more overall. Remember the page that had only 3K for the anime while I had 33K? Well now they have 150K and incredible engagement. It was like all my engagement went to the second most prioritized page in this sub niche. Now after a year I have only 29K left, still 800-1500 likes and no hope that I have any control over this situation.

I know some people say that there is no such thing as black flagged accounts and Instagram denies everything like that. Heck they even deny shadow bans. But I can guarantee that this is a lie and Instagram can black flag accounts.

If you can help me it would be great.!

PS: i didn’t use any automation or bots



Seems fine to me engagement rate seems high, about the follow drop maybe fake accs following you and getting banned and you are losing those followers.

try to see if all your followers are real or fake = fake people get banned = losing follower

Same case with Youtube,for real.

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The engagement dropped from 10K likes to under 1K in one night and in this moment my page disappeared from search, I got shadow banned and my story was only viewed 1k time when it used to be viewed 3-5K times. How is this fine? In my niche this engagement is not fine at all and no those are no fake followers :roll_eyes: did you even read my whole post?


I never heard that Instagram is denying that there are shadow bans :smiley: I would be surprised that they spoke about this at all, but I think that your situation is something that happens to many IG users, being shadow banned. Forum members wrote about this often. Using same hashtags often, same caption, posting too often, using borrowed content, follow and unfollow at the same time, etc… there are just some first things that come to my mind that could be the reason for the shadow ban. But there is a lot of content here on the forum about this subject.

Well but they did. Adam Mosseri answers questions from time to time on his story. One of those questions was if the shadows ban exist and he clearly said “ No! such thing does not and did never exist “

Never did any of those “tricks” I use the same Stack of hashtags in a circle change but I do this with all my Instagram pages an never had any problem. And it’s not just a shadow ban but a complete black flagged account from one day to another. A simple shadow ban wouldn’t be so bad.

Yeah I agree that shadow ban is a myth but how can we then explain rationally these type of issues… I believe that IG algorithms are so advanced that for them it would not be that hard to do them on purpose.

Interesting :slight_smile: Anyways, we can just call it the algorithm :smiley: or whatever other name, the fact is that if IG doesn’t like something about your behavior, your account will be left behind.

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Yes, and that is the only fact in this discussion.

Saw your reply only now. But anyways. Obviously Instagram didn’t like something lol thats the whole point of the post, that instagram black flagged me. They won’t just randomly black flag accounts :smiley: