Instagram blocked my client account

Dear all& morning&Trust you are well

Recently i lost one of my client Instagram account

All his work for two years is gone because of me
He is upset now and he needs his account back moreover he is a business man and all his connection with his clients by his Instagram account

What make me crazy

I have more 30 accounts

In overall I’m doing good work and my clients satisfied but suddenly you got blocked

In the other hand I’m using proxy for each account
This accounts aged two years ago

Dear all partners I’m writing these subject

Because I’m sure the are ways to solve this serious issue

And MP i like it

Soon I’m going to renew my subscribe


Malik from Oman

You should be able to easily recover your account, take a look at this article that should describe the steps you need to do.


I’ve tried your recover method and it appears that IG has changed up the menus.

(deep sigh)



Thank you

I already did all the steps mentions in article you sent

but still account is blocked

Hope masters in MP can find ways to avoid blocked or banned

Thank you


Dont think its the masters in MP… I think its the IG gods…

We need to solve this matter which make our life very hard. I cant even speak to my client. I dont know which excuse i have to use

Can’t agree with you more…

I can’t believe there isnt someone on the inside that could give us some insight. (sigh)

I didnt get what you mean by your words

What were you doing to get it blocked out of interest? Did you follow @BrandonBerner’s epic what not to do on Instagram post?

After i got block

I register on MP soical

Is there a hope to restore the account?

There was a link provided above to the steps you need to do in case you get baned.Please read it.There isn’t anything much anyone can do,they don’t reply instant,sometimes 2,3 days before you get a reply and another 3,4 days before they unban you.
be patient.

I did it

And i sned picture of the code which Instagram send it through email

Thank you

You need to wait,they reply in 3,4 days.

Thank you very much

I will

Just a suggestion to create a backup account for your client. I did that for my client and alerted them that this is in case the account gets banned or blocked for any reason. Luckily that has not been the issue but at least you can it gives a backup plan while you work to recover the other account.

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