Instagram blocking my domain

Hi there,
When I want to add my store to my Instagram account I get this error.
I think I can’t add because I use to many subdomains or redirects in the past.
Is there anyway any redirect I can use to solve it?
Reported many times to Instagram but didn’t help.

Thank you.

Make a landing page and redirect through that or else clone your website to some other domain,for cloning you can use httrack…

Have you tried using bitly or some other similar services?

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better to use a landing page and redirect from it to your website.

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Bitly isn’t working.

Can you explain me more?

Are you automating this account?

Try these redirect: site google, tapmybio,

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Subdomains and bitly are a terrible idea. Just buy cheap TLD’s and use them for 2-3 accounts, then buy a new one. Back in the days when I was still doing CPA on Instagram, we almost had 20.000 domains.

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Buy cheap domains and simply redirect them? Can’t IG know that?
Is this also needed for valid ecom stores?

I would recommend it for anything. Better safe then sorry. Those landing pages can be really simple and uncomplicated even a couple pictures are enough, since most of the traffic comes from mobile anyway.

Bro what about using services like linktree?

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Give it a try, but do not be surprised if things do not work out once you hit 1000 accounts. All of those options have scalability issues.

No I’m not using any automating on this account.

I’ll try it. Thank you.

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I try domain redirects and it isn’t work. The store loads 2-3 times after that is not loading anymore.

Maybe you are right. I need to try.

Why would you need a redirect? That kills the whole point. Just make users click on an image.

Keep it simple.

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Gotcha :blush: I try it. Thanks.

Contacting Instagram or clicking Tell Us won’t work. I had a client who was selling CBD products and his website was blocked on facebook and instagram, bitly or linktree did not work. It’s because the website was flagged by automatic system.

What helped is that I have contacted Facebook through their live support and after 4 days the website was unblocked. By the way, to connect with the customer support you have to have ad account.