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Hello everyone,
I’m looking for someone who can help me to get few Instagram accounts verified. First account would
Be no money in advanced. Looking for 4 accounts per week.


These are some quite aggressive terms lol, first account no payment in advance? Highly doubt anyone is gonna accept that as they usually need to pay an insider themselves. and they won’t risk losing a 8000$ deal

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I’ve seen few people are offering to charged once I they get the badge. I have few clients and they are looking for to get the badge. I have to proof on one account to make sure we don’t get scammed. Then we can pay in advance on the next accounts.

No one will verify your accounts this way. They don’t charge once done. They refund if not verified succesfully :slight_smile:

Will you get a Ferrari for free and tell them you’ll pay next month if satisfied ? Would be nice, but we live in a different world.

Pay, get the service. Don’t get it, get refunded.

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Perhaps the ones you saw are scammers. No one who’s legitimate and gots a successful track record verifying accounts will do that.

Any reference or recommendations?

Very very rarely do people offer no money upfront unless u have done business with them awhile and it is submission only.

If they’re paying for USA press, then it is non-refundable no matter what. Some sellers offer foreign press, and pay after for a higher price however it is slim.

Curious to know about the price of the Instagram profile verification service.
What’s the probable cost of this?

You can check out these guys:

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