Instagram Botting Till Now (Insights and knowlegde)

So what i learned untill this point about the new changes since may and untill today
instagram changing every update in every point of view i own an adversting company with 350 clients

  • About Proxies -
    i started with buying 4g proxies around the world
    than i made my own 4g mobile proxies so it would be in same location
    any improve u probably thinking to be honest yes less Ac and less hard blocks
    but it took me time to learn and to stablize everything

also it seem instagram have been jailing few of my old client accounts who i used botting with aggerssive settings a bit before may since than those accounts are problem to bot much more than new clients
and the proxies isnt taking part on this piece of info i gathered

  • About Settings -
    It seems the 6000 its pretty true even through some of my accounts are reaching sometimes more than that
    i wont show my settings cuz we all know instagram looking for patterns but i will give you some clues
    more intervals
    less actions
    more daily
    nightmode with randomize for each account fr a different on the proxy
    lets say 1 4g mobile proxy with 5 accounts on it
    1 account 00:00 - 13:00
    2 account 02:00 - 15:00
    and such…

about using your own bot
i can tell its better much more than using J that its exploited and instagram is literlly following their steps

if ur using J
Use Eb Only
Clear your cookies daily
if u cant follow through J Only try reset device id and log out manully from eb

if ur using mass views i would recommand using only your own country and even city proxy i heard rumors of people got banned from it since using a bad proxy on it

-The Most Important-
Today Is All About Good Sources with high favour of following ratio try find and filter all those sources by scrapers or by J filters so u would Acheive the highest ratio with good engegment on each of your users / clients

  • Conclusion -
    Botting in instagram is kind of a playground with new rules everyday
    that we need follow them and trying to bypass them with your own creative and unique ways

Hope i helped some of the people here and if u got any questions i would like to answer here or even on a pm :smiley:
By The Way Im Orel Nice To Meet You All


Good thread. Can I ask where you started buying those 4g proxies? I’m looking for spain and Latin american 4g

Hit up @ciras he offers geo specific proxies as I understand


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i dont know to be honest the prices for those of own made proxies i use airproxy as a start for my clients
and now i use also my own proxies
u should check how much would cost u to build your ownu may pm for more info @zaratustra

thanks for sharing those settings data, i’ll test them out!

Always works out to be cheaper, and better to create your own proxies… no matter if you’re talking mobile or DC.

Yeah but if you don’t live in that country you can’t

Thanks for the suggestions, it becomes more difficult with each update and these tips can only help you find the best settings to avoid risk. I’ll try them!

sure thing bro just keep see and play around settings
always be sure to keep being updated with every change
and good luck with your botting sir!

just updating every1 new update today on instagram and mass Ac Blocks look out and i would even recommand to close jarvee for 24-48 hours to see how things keeps going

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@Orel_Sasi I 100% Second this. A lot of my accounts got PV in the last few hours while they were on mobile proxies and only posting 1 piece of content everyday lol.

Pausing everything for the next 24-48 hours to see if the storm passes.

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EB or API ?
APi could easily couse this.
I mostly use EB (JV or mine) and i still have none…

Clear your cookies daily
Manually ?
I do that when account is really having hard times :()

En only atm waiting for J new Update

I found out it if accounts have been pinned by instagram and having alot of blocks (jailed accounts)
Its let you a bit more free hand

Orel, Thank you for your insight! Definitely helped a ton :grin:

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How did you go about setting up your own 4g proxies?

i just made a new topic about it u can check it out

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Awesome, thanks!

nice share, thanks for your idea