[INSTAGRAM] Bringing people for comissions

Hello guys!
I am thinking of pulling off a nice move and I’m looking for a partner in crime.

I have been working with customers on a daily basis in different areas including marketing and I would like to find someone open to manage customers while I bring them and get a monthly comission from them.
I know it sounds tricky at first, but it isn’t.
Thing is, at the moment I don’t have enough experience on actually managing the best strategies, but I know how to sell.

I can bring you whatever customer you need in order for me to get a monthly commission from you.
I’m really looking for a long term deal, no scams and with a lot of communication.
Skype calls, whatsapp calls, instagram friends, you name it.
I know how to sell myself and I need someone to know how to manage what I’m selling.

Let me know if you’d be interested.

Also, please let me know if the category isn’t right.



Leggo! I’m your guy

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Sounds nice, PM’ed you :wink:

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Hello, guys and thank you for showing interest in the private messages.

I have come to say that I already found someone that can fit what I can bring on the table and we are going to team up in order to achieve the best results.

Me and @Tacos are going to do this starting now and if you wanna follow our journey that’s good, if not, we don’t mind anyway. At the end of the day everyone does business.

Thank you very much and if the admins consider the topic should be closed, I don’t mind them to proceed forward to that.

Thank you again!