Instagram Bugs 🤔

Hi all,

every now and then IG seem to be “buggy”. Here is something that I have seen in the last days several times: In the “Top Post” -section there are only 8, not 9 posts shown:

Not enough “points” to be featured in the top post or something like that.

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Another bug or whats going on…?!
Is it possible to get in the “Top post section” without having any single like :x: :heart: and no comments (i.e. zero likes, zero comments)?!
Usually the answer would be: “NO!”
Well, look what was online yesterday and today - 3 cases - seen from 2 different computers:

Case 1:

Case 2:

Case 3:

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perhaps getting loads of reach and impressions fast without the interaction…

or like you said… another bug

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