Instagram business profile not working/opening

I’m an artist and my Instagram account is business profile. I randomly got a prompt to enter my phone number to be sent a security code from Instagram and so i’ve done that just to never receive a security code via text. After countless tries, I finally get this "{“status”: “fail”, “message”: "Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”}” whenever I try to log in. I don’t know whats going on but i’ve spent hours doing research and now im stressed so much. All I get is Instagram help center which has no actual answer for my problem. I just beg that someone help me because honestly, this is making me really worried and sick to my stomach. Please help.

Do what it says, this happens quite often. If ou just keep trying to log in you’ll just keep getting that error.

Dear sir,
Thank you for responding.
But the account is stuck not saying anything.
Please help me.

Just keep trying to log in. The more, the better!

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how many days it will take to login again

@anshul1 Question is the login error from instagram ? Also have you try login in from different place like a computer or from a browser instead of the app ?

Thankyou @KingAGroup for responding. It is the login error from Instagram.
I have tried login my Instagram account from different places like computer, different sets of smartphones and different types of browsers instead of the app. Now more than 32 hours completed, today it’s keep showing the {“message”: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”, “status”: “fail”}.
Yours faithfully

if this is linked to a facebook account…unlink it,that’s how I solved it on mine.

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Thank you for responding @Alexnvo. Now the problem is solved don’t know how but the Instagram asked me to enter a security code which sent on my mobile. :slight_smile: I had submitted the form after clicking on below the forget password option and they sent me a mail to verify yourself by sending my photo with the handwritten code. I think this would be the solution but still don’t know how it works now.

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I had problems with it linked to my facebook page as I have 4 other accounts…I’m glad it’s taken care of

this is my site and can not login nor facebook can help me please