Instagram Business Profile Problem

C’mon … its the internet. You can’t be thinking of relying only that 1 account with 30k followers for your rice bowl? While you’re restoring your account, take a look at so many other ways to make back what you lost.

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He didn’t lose anything. He went overboard onlikes and got PW rest, then freaked out and kept hitting “send SMS” too many times in a row.

There is a chance he might not recover it, and in the future might lose it. He’s getting worried over 1 account and relying only that to bring him the bacon is what needs to be fixed first. :slight_smile:

He didn’t lose anything. And yeah he might lose it. He’s not even an MP user…

@weekendso Just take it easy and stop trying to get it for 2 - 3 days and then try again, if you don’t receive your code, try to use the international prefix of your country.

And as @dddd said, maybe it will be better to grow different accounts in the same niche, so when you lose 1 you have 4 others :wink:

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:joy: the IT crowd…

and here I though @Fonzie was the bad cop :smiley:

@weekendso like the others said, let it cool down for a day or two. Also this should be somewhat of a wake-up call, never rely on only 1 account. Create several accounts, grow them separately and draw in clients from each of them, there’s a lot of info on this forum that will point you in the right direction of doing this :wink:

Don’t be that mean :slight_smile: he isn’t currently but he can be in the future. And even if not, helping others that will help in return with what they can should be the main focus :sunny:


So what, this forum is not just for MP support or MP users if it was then it would be MP users only…

You and the other guy are not being the nicest of people at the moment maybe it’s because y’all frustrated because he is not yet understanding what y’all saying but keep your cool guys.

No need to be horrible about his income coming from one account he is a photogropher most of them do have one account… I would expect him to be worrying a little it’s normal

Anyways peace and love dawg, no time for hate.


Nope. Not the nicest guy I’d agree. I don’t beat around the bush, sweet talk, that kinda thing. I’ll leave those to others who’re a little bit more soft. :slight_smile: @wortime gave solid current advice, I gave solid contingency plan in case the current situation doesn’t play out.

My tone may be harsh, for that I appoligize.


I do agree. I also agree with your point about what most here would consider a “casual” user (1 IG account). I was, and am, mostly frustrated about him spamming my inbox and the forum for something that was simply related to him repeatedly hitting the button and ignoring it’s instructions…


LOL, you and me both brother…

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I do apologize for the “Spamming” even though I only messaged you twice, I do greatly appreciate your help as well as the others help. I can take a little tough love lol im not worried about how the help is given, I’m just grateful that its given at all but I only seen you at the moment, the only help that I had at the time and me being a new user, I couldn’t reply to comments that many times on the same day, which is why i inboxed you. The instructions told me to wait a few minutes and I waited a few hours only to realize it was never a change and thats when I begun to get worried and starting asking around a bit more.


how did it end, managed to solve it?

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not at all. Still found no form, I’ve waited over 24 hours and no change in that error message.

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Remove access for other programs. Delete the app on your phone and re install it. What were you doing that caused the PV? (phone verification)

Search the forum for “ban” and “verify” and read the threads. Many of them will contain a link that you need to contact IG. And if you do find it and contact them, don’t say you found the link etc here on MP social…

I know im kinda late but can someone help me I’m having the same problem plz help me I keep spamming Instagram but they keep copying pasting shit

What helps me sometimes is to log in from PC!

You also have the problem that you do not receive the text message on your phone ? I had that also last week. After trying many times I used another number (from another provider) and received the message without problems.

Hey thank you so much for ur reply & yep it wasn’t senting but know they think I am a hacker so it won’t let me acces the thing account all it says is that “wait a few minutes then try again” but it already has been a day,I’m freaking out…

For some reason I also started having this same problem on some of my accounts after 3-4 months running without many problems.

Only thing that helps is resting affected accounts for 48h after that it will ask for PV and things will be back to normal for a while because in 7-10 days you might experience the exact same problem again (it happened to me). Probably need to rest those affected accounts for longer period and do slow warm-up.

In regards to not receiving sms, try resting for another 24h, that helped me.