Instagram Business Profile Problem

So I’m a photographer and my Instagram account is business profile. I randomly got a prompt to enter my phone number to be sent a security code from Instagram and so i’ve done that just to never receive a security code via text. After countless tries, I finally get this "{“status”: “fail”, “message”: "Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”}” whenever I try to log in. I don’t know whats going on but i’ve spent hours doing research and I’m freaking out because I have 29.4k Followers and with the amount of exposure I had, it drew in more clients and that was my main source of income. I was dedicated to posting, I’ve showed support to others, I’ve met amazing people through this app, made some really awesome friends and learned a lot from Instagram. Photography is my passion and also a job and starting over would be really discouraging and depressing. I don’t know who to contact or anything. All I get is Instagram help center which has no actual answer for my problem. I just beg that someone help me because honestly, this is making me really worried and sick to my stomach. Please help.

Thank You

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Damn, does anyone read the posts around here?

It’s not unusual to not get the text right away. IG is a company and companies are not perfect. Does it look like this?

Just google search {“message”: “login_required”, “status”: “fail”} and you’ll find a lot of answers, including many from the forum. It looks like a bad API call, most users just reset settings or delete the app and reinstall and log in.

Is your account still there and you cant log in? Please try searching and googling before just asking for help.

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no it looks similar to that but its more like

Please post the text here, not a screenshot. Have you even tried googlin it?

Yes, I’ve been looking around for hours and no luck other than this website here. So I found a post with the same exact problem but Instead of the person saying how they fixed it and stuff, It was like they got the answer and just said thanks. I cant even contact instagram. No email nor phone number.

Please post the text and not the screenshot here.

Do you even use MP?

“message”: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”, “status”: “fail”} & I’ve heard of MP Many times before. If i get my account fixed then i’ll definitely use it cause for business accounts, it looks more organized

Do you use automation?

no, not at all :confused:

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Have you tried…turning it off and turning it back on again?


you’re talking about automation? I don’t use it so im a bit lost

How are you trying to log in? Desktop? app on a phone? Have you tried just seeing if your account is there and not banned? If it’s just an issue with logging in, relax and breathe.

Is it an iphone? an android? What?

Help me, help you. Help ME, help YOU, HELP ME, help YOU


well I get the same issue on the phone & desktop but its weird because I was still able to change my password. That random message came up from me trying to enter my phone number for me to receive the security code too many times but I’ve never got the code via text. I even tried different phone numbers and its an iPhone 6

Jesus … did you even read what you wrote?

Just go sit in the corner and WAIT like it says. Please…

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And for gods sake, please stop trying to get a PW sent…



and welcome to the forum.


LOL yeah i’ve waited for 3 hours now. Still the same issue. It’s just me freaking out thats making it bigger than what it is but I’ve never had this problem nor could even find a solution lol so it’s like my mind has me like all hope is lost

Well stop hitting the damn button and wait. If you can change the PW then you should be able to do other things.

You probably need to disable access to all the things accessing your IG as well.

And for the love of god, lay the hell off the coffee…

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