Instagram can't verify location

Hi All,

I’m having an issue with my IG, I keep getting a pop up every few days telling me that IG can’t verify my location and that they have to limit my reach because for accounts with large followings they have to verify the location of the account. They are asking me to turn on location services in my phone settings, which had already been turned on forever. I had this issue once before and after weeks and weeks they finally confirmed my location but then after I deleted and reinstalled the app I’m having the same problem now and my reach has been very limited (sorry for the longwinded question, I just smoked something :smiley:). Have any of you experienced this / any idea how to fix it? Couldn’t find anything online on this.

Thank you!

Do you have a screengrab of the message?

Personally haven’t heard/seen this before which makes me wonder what the notification looks like.

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I don’t unfortunately, it pops up sporadically and I didn’t think to take one. The next time it happens I will

Just got it again. here you go:

I’ve never seen this before. Have you been automating your account?

not in a long time, I’d say at least a year.

the only thing I can think of is that I was in another country for 6 months, maybe that triggered it? I’ve been back in my home country since March now though

If you go to Settings on your phone and select Instagram, there is an option about location and choose “Allow while using the app.”

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

This is interesting. I haven’t seen this yet, seems like its a new verification thing.

I’d imagine you could use a location spoofer to match what the account says if you’re desperate.
But if you are in the Country/Region the account is in, just enable your location services on your device & let them fetch your location.

Thanks for sharing this!

Worth keeping in mind in case I notice some engagement numbers slip on my accounts so I can check for this.

@Candydandy & @Gtamaster
The location services have always been enabled on my device. That’s why I don’t know what to do in this situation.

But are they only enabled for your device or also for Instagram? You can have your location enabled but still apps ask you if it can use your location (just like they ask if they can access your camera roll for photos), which is why I am saying that if you go in the settings of your phone and go to Instagram, you can check to see if it can access your location. When you redownloaded the app it might have changed the settings for it, so just check it just in case.

It’s definitely enabled for Instagram. Every time I get that pop up, I check the settings again and it’s always been enabled for both the device and the IG app.

Maybe it’s a glitch then. Have you tried redownloading the app again or restarting your phone?

I don’t think it’s a glitch even tho I have never seen that, like Gtamaster said maybe it’s a new verification thing that they send occasionally when they suspect something.

That’s certainly a weird notification, which sucks. I wonder if it’s due to using proxies previously located across the globe for hardcore automating. Are you sure you’re not logged in to another service elsewhere or a proxy somewhere far away?

Beyond changing GPS settings as suggested, I can’t even imagine what else would trigger that :thinking:

i can see that the first message says “We’re asking accounts that reach a lot of people to confirm the country/region…” did you had a viral video or post in the last days or did you buy some engagement?

You can try reporting the issue to IG through the IG app:
Account Settings > Help > Report a problem > Attach a screenshot of the message and explain the issue.

Yeah, most of the time they don’t really respond tho which is frustrating :frowning: It’s certainly worth a try tho