Instagram Changed Algorithm

Instagram change it algorithm for both posts and stories. Now, many accounts will appear on your feed even if you haven’t likes them in months. What I think is Instagram is giving chances to every page and see if the people are still interested in the pages and accordingly they get ranked the next time they post.

Note : All these may or nay not be true in your country as Instagram tests in different areas,


I haven’t seen this yet but would be good.

Good opportunity to see the IG stories from people I follow - whom I haven’t seen in a while because I only watch the first 5 people from the stories feed. (and they’re usually the same ppl)

Good move from IG - imo.

Making it more equal playing ground for new accounts who want to start out - or add variety to the IG stories feed so u see more of the people you don’t usually see first.

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I’m not sure if IG is going to be this generous to users they already have previous engagement statistics on wipe their slate clean and start fresh on tracking statistics. However, a semi blank slate would be welcome by most I’m sure.

I don’t think IG wants to promote large accounts monopolizing screen time with users through their algorithm, however the balance of showing content people wanna see and not showing the same persons content is a pretty tricky one.


How do you know this happened?