Instagram Chatbots? Custom inbound keyword response?

So there was a really cool chatbot called Direct Heroes that basically allowed you to send custom funnel responses based on a keyword someone DMed you, that I saw a LOT of marketers starting to use in combinations with mass DM services they would DM targets from burners saying something like “Hey go DM @userX the word GIVEAWAY for a chance to win Prize1” or things that were related to a niche group. The bot would then send a standard intro message with the sale hook and a follow up message, while also putting the user on that KEYWORD list to be mass DMed later. Since the target user was the one to initiate the conversation, it opens the limits on how many messages can be sent to them. The logic tree you were able to build out was really impressive and I believe past the capabilities of JV. Unfortunately Direct Heroes shut down and it appears to be due to legal threats from Instagram. I haven’t been able to find any other services that do this or actually work… does anyone know of any alternatives for Instagram Chatbots that do custom responses based on an inbound keyword???

DM Pilot listens for Qs and answers, it’s self hosted script, therefore it’s not that easy.

I tried having it hosted and I ended up having to get a refund cuz it succ’d.

Other than that, prob JV or custom bot.

It won’t be long until Facebook / Messenger / WhatsApp traditional chatbots to get onto Instagrams chatbots.

ManyChat is working on it.


I just applied for the beta. Their Facebook chat integration was pretty impressive. If this could be used on Instagram it would be gamechanging.

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Following. This could be a golden nugget :slight_smile: