Instagram client acc limits?

Hey guys,

I wonder whats the limit on an aged HQ acc (client) with a good quality proxy.

I had experience with follow/unfollow which is about 1k a day. What about Likes? and DM if it requires


I personally wouldn’t use 1k f/u as I think it’s too aggressive for a clients account. Action limits are like rubber bands. They might be stretched beyond what they can take, but they don’t tear apart immediately, but when they do tear it’s over.

If you’re going to run likes(I wouldn’t do it) I’d be very very conservative. IG is a lot more strict on likes than f/u. A normal person doesn’t like hundreds of posts per day, probably like 5-30, which isn’t enough to give results.

For DMs I think the normal amount is 30-50 per day.


Use likes after follow, with a good account and proxies liking is no problem, imo better to do 500 follows + 500 likes after follow than 1000 follows without likes. Everyone has a different opinion tho so test for yourself.
Testing: start slow, go up slowly. NOT: start with 1000 follows and see if it gets you banned


Its not so much about the daily number of f/u you do. You can achive much more when you do less but with better targeting and sources. Just my 2 cents.
By the way whats a HQ proxy for you? mobile?

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thanks! The proxies are mobile

Does turning Likes completely off make it look less natural? Trying to figure out if it’s worth doing a small number everyday or just not do them at all.

If you got no blocks you should do it

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All we can do is speculate and guess based on our experiences and information in regards to “acting human”. I run 600 f/u and tell my clients to use all IGs functions like a normal person would. I’d rather run too safe than risky. If you’re trying to push it to the max it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. If IG makes a large change and you’re running aggressive settings on all clients you can run into some major problems.

I personally feel that for a client I’d rather let them take care of liking, just for safety, but if anything I’d do like @StayStyled advised. I don’t do it myself so I can’t comment on how well it works, but some people here say it works well.


in general should be no more than 60 actions per hour

Thanks for the help

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1000 f/uf per day on a client account is not usually recommended. You’d want your automated account to act like a normal user account (not a spam account). If it is for a client, you would have to consider that he/she would want to do some actions on his/her IG account too; assume that your client will do follows and likes when you calculate the total number of daily actions. Try to stay within a reasonable limit of 400-500 f/uf if you can.