Instagram client warmup settings? (NOT spam accounts)

Spam accounts have different warmup needs in my experience, so I’m talking just about client accounts here.

After all this time, I’m still confused what warmup settings for Jarvee get you warmed up the fastest and safest for basically brand new client accounts versus aged ones.

Here’s what I’ve been doing with mixed success (and some triggering of Phone Validations). I require all my clients to have 10+ posts before I start:

  • 0-1 month old client account – add 125 more to the follow limits each day, ending at 600/day
  • Aged client accounts that have used other growth services in the past – add 250 per day to the follow limits, ending at 600/day
  • All other client accounts – add 200 per day, ending at 600/day

I’ve heard some people skip the warmup altogether and just jump right into it. While others insist of a lengthy 2 week warmup. I don’t really like the idea of long drawn out warmup times because I want fast results for my 1 week trial period. But I also don’t like the idea of bans/PVs. But I’d rather lean towards the side of fast warmup times if anything.


Hitting 600/day in 4 days with a 30 day or less account seems a bit ballsy to me for a client account.

Hell my most recent client is 3 years old and I still started her at 225/day +25/day to 550

I mean everyone can do things based on what they feel will work but when it comes to clients especially when just starting with one, I prefer to avoid potential issues with them.

Granted for most clients getting a PV isn’t a big deal. It’s an easy sell to them just saying “Instagram just wants to make sure your account wasn’t hacked” and push it as a security feature and not a “I kinda pushed the limit” feature but still. I like to be a bit safer.

I also offer a 1 week trial period and even with a slower warmup I can usually get my clients between 35-50 follows/day avg before the end of the week so it’s 100% doable without risking the client’s account as long as you take care with your sources.


How fast you can go with your warm up settings depends on your proxy and account quality, means how the account was created. I dont really care on age of accounts, I think its overrated. Why? When an account is aged but not used for 1 year a warm-up should be done too.

This is something you have to test for yourself. Client accounts are very secure from an Instagram perspektive because its a real person behind it.

Read this topic, yesterday we talked about that:

So you dont have to be that afraid of getting your client accounts banned as when you would do spammy things.

But 100 per day looks pretty aggressive in my eyes, but like I said try it for yourself.


even my spammy aged accounts dont warm up like that dude thats too much speed

You need to Chill your speed to 20/day and +10/20 each day and use mobile proxies
and you will be fine


I don’t take on clients that have accounts that are less than 6 months old. The accounts are too you, the people running them haven’t had time to try other methods so they have no idea how hard it is to do manually, and they expect more since they are inexperienced.

IF I did, a client account would be more like 3 -4 days of rotating follows increasing each day by between 7 -15 until I eventually got to 500 per day.

Older accounts I I usually start out fairly strong but am at 400 follows a dau within 2 weeks.

This is my own personal experience and methods. What works for me might not work for others. But yeah, 125 a day is like WOW.


What type of proxies are using?
Adding 125 follows per day is a lot for new accounts, I would slow it down.

I have mobile proxies.

I think there might be an unintentional conflation between warmup settings that work for spam accounts and warmup settings that work for client accounts. I’d agree that the more conservative settings that have been suggested by you guys would work well for spam accounts, but there hasn’t been a real discussion about what could work for client accounts in particular (which is why I made this thread).

I do have to agree that perhaps +125 additional follows per day is too heavy for a 0-1 month old client accounts. Although in my experience, most actually handle it quite well, only about 25% need EB and 10% hit PVAs for me.

Regarding the +200 and +250 per day settings for aged accounts, I still think that’s reasonable (except for the spammiest of client accounts). Out of the hundreds of clients I’ve onboarded at this point, I’ve personally have no issues with this (except for the occasional need to enable EB like 10% of the time).

From my understanding, your steps until ban are the following:

First, blocked from following via API
Second, blocked from following via EB and/or action blocked from following on mobile/residential proxies
Third, Phone validations
Fourth, now you’re banned

But I guess as long as you stay high up on that ban ladder, you should be fine with client accounts imo. I have never heard of a client account getting banned from follow/unfollow alone (it’s always been some other reason), yet I’m still sane enough not to push it.

One should really be MORE careful with client accounts than spam accounts in my opinion. Typically yes the accounts are aged and because there’s a real person/business backing it up it tends to have a higher trust score but carelessness to shave a week or two of warmup could cause a lot more problems or limits in the long term.

Also keep in mind if accounts are getting blocked/abused on mobile proxies you can also hurt others attached to that same block of mobile IPs

But everyone has their own process. I personally like to handle client accounts like they’re fragile little eggs even though they’re probably tougher than all my spam accounts combined. I can still produce solid results with a bit of research and not risk client satisfaction. Clients tend to blame me everytime something goes bad with their account even if it’s their actions (like when they buy 10,000 followers from another service then yell at me because engagement plummeted). So I try to avoid it actually being my fault :smiley:

I do agree with you in that I’ve never seen F/U get an account banned regardless of the limits used. The worst has always been PV. Just need to be aware of the client’s actions as well.

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I honestly don’t understand how you guys can manage these sort of numbers without issues?

I recently onboarded the client and started with 25f/25l/25uf + 25 increase daily. Got a PV on a second day.

It’s on a tested and verified datacenter proxy. Will probably just stick with mobile for future clients going forward.

I had many issues in the past weeks with clients accounts getting PV every second day, posting issues etc.

While all can post now (probably IG Glitch), PV’s happen every 2 days since I started warm up. And my settings are literally 15f/15l/25uf. +35 increase. some accounts got PV’s for 3 days in a row. Not used for spam at any time, unique client content, unique captions, I use correct hashtags.

Out of 10 accounts, I get PV’s every second day for the last 1 week.

Now, I’m trying to increase by 15 on each action, but still got 2 Pv’s today. All of these accounts are 1year+ old.

In conclusion, it’s mind boggling to see someone pushing more than 100 increase per day without PV’s or shadowban. Or you just plow through PV’s and keep pushing the actions to 400-600 until PV’s stop?

I also see, that 50-60% of accounts get shadowban after a PV.

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You might want to consider dropping (or even stopping) the likes on the accounts gettings PVed for a while and see if that helps. Then after a week or two of no issues rest the account for a day then start back with likes at a slow warmup again and see what occurs.

At least that’s how I would deal with that situation.


Hmm, good idea. I will try that. At the moment my like tool is off. But I do 1-2 punch, liking after following. Thanks for the tip!

But still, my first PV’s started on other accounts with warp up settings like this: 25/25/25 + 25 increase (3 days) & then 50 increase until 400 each tool l/f/uf. Didn’t have any issues but one day all got hit by PV. Now no matter how moderate or how long I rest it for, still keeps happening. So yea, maybe dropping likes altogether is the way to go.

8 accounts were on datacenter and 2 on mobile, all had issues. Those did start when IG update rolled out late into March (27-29th).

Someone suggest not to use chinese numbers to verify, so bought 100 uk sim cards… Arriving next week. Until then, using getsmscode UK verification, but only did my first one today. So will see if that affects it at all.

Also, weirdly most of my tools operate between 8-11am. Then actions are done before midday, but PV’s hit in the afternoon 3-4pm. So that doesn’t make sense :smiley:

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I also get PV and my experience is almost the same like yours - everything ran perfectly for a year, and after that - almost all my clients got PV at the end of March. From that moment PV is coming everyday on a few clients. I changed some account proxies to mobile ones and it started to work better. But today I got a PV again on 95% of my client accounts. It’s so depressing and stressful situation for me. :frowning:

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Yep, ALL clients on PV - happened exactly at 5pm UK time. @Kavorka @newmedia.bah @sokolmkd having the exact same issue. Seems like its global. I’m starting to think it’s got something to do with MP itself… See this post for more info


yup. Exactly at that time for me too.

Are you going to rest or keep going with actions?

hi man do you have any experience with insta comments with jarvee?

Hey guys! I don’t want to open a separate thread so will ask here.

What are your warmup settings for manual growth? And what is the biggest amount that you can reach? Is it 150 f/unf a day? Thanks!