Instagram comment likes

Is there a way that Jarvee can provide comment likes similar to what they do with like exchange?


There is no existing functionality identical to the like exchange for comment likes.

If you want to manually set up a similar scenario:

  • Create a list of all the users/posts you want to receive comment likes on
  • Add them to the ‘specific user/posts’ source for all your accounts in the like comments tool
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This could be interesting for Youtube for pushing a comment to the top of the section.

As far as I know it’s not working like that on Instagram otherwise this would be a great technique!

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What’s the established rule for comment order? number of followers for commenting account?

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Just went into the comment section few hours ago to check that and I couldn’t find a structured order, not even chronological.

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seems like highest votes get put at the top or near there.

like the instagram thot bots lol

I’m fairly certain it’s ordered by relevance at first glance.

On some posts there is the option to order chronologically or by “top posts” (what ever that means). On other posts these options simply don’t appear. Welcome to Instagram, right?


So relevance is basically follower count? Or amount of likes on the comment? Or both? Lol

I usually see people who I engage with the most in larger comment sections until clicking show more comments. Thereafter Instagram either chooses for me, or I get to choose between chronological and top posts (which aren’t always ordered by number of likes or replies).

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Are you guying referring to using Jarvee bots to boost a comment up in the section rankings?

Yes , there is no way tho

Yeah exactly it’s a really great way to get attention.

no, no way doing that ;/

Yes I would agree there. It’s ordered by relevance for the viewer. You see the comment from the account which is most relevant to you (or at least IG alghorithm thinks it is).

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