Instagram Comment Limit

Hey I use a HOME IP IG account without JARVEE.

Whats the comment limit per day/hour? What is 100% safe?

I write different versions of the same message.

I’m also looking for answers as to what a safe amount would be. The best is to do some testing.

What I’ve found is
a) Make sure your comments are unique, but also generic enough to cover basically any type of picture would fall under your settings results. Eg: if you’re commenting on someones post using the tag “#love”, you can’t comment “what a cute couple”, because they might be posting about their dog… that would be weird.
b) use spintax so that the comments vary.

I hope that helps a little :slight_smile:


There are far too many factors to detemine “safeness”

You need to start slow and find that threshold on a per account basis. But you also have other things you should make sure are good:

  • Spintax …make sure your comments are as unique as possible. No using one emote comments
  • Use a proper proxy. Mobile, raw-mobile or residential if you plan to do more than a few comments
  • Warm up …do a dozen comments or so a day and scale up until you hit a number you’re comfortable with. Keep the hourly really low to start as well

But as far as how many you can do a day…that all depends on the quality of your comments, your account age & trust, your proxy’s trust level, the spamminess of your comments (if it’s promoting something), the alignment of the stars and much more.


I never recommend for anyone to use comments except for after follow if at all.

Your personal limits are going to vary based on your spintax, the number of holes and combinations etc. Just having a high number in doesn’t guarantee anything. It also is going to depend on where you are leaving these comments. If it’s for your own posts or for an EG, you are safer from being reported than you are for commenting on random peoples posts. And if you comment spam like U P A R S E G U I D O R E S you will get your comments reported.

As @rynie mentioned, you have to be careful with comments because it’s very easy to leave an off color comment on someone’s page.


I’m with @wortime here, I would try to avoid comments all together, since you never know on what image your comment is going to end. If it doesn’t fit the immage at all, you might get reported, if it’s too generic, you might get reported, many reports will lower the trustscore and eventually ban your account…


I’m also not a fan of commenting because it can be that you comment something what is not fitting the picture/video. I just think about taking advantage of the comment function with few super general comments to make the account look more human like. I want to make sure that I use every function there is in Instagram even when its 1 action per day.

@Tacos gave some good tips too!


It’s just too easy to recognize someone using automation to comment in my opinion, you might even get reported evenly for it…

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Still for ecomm it’s a huge thing to drive sales. Speaking from experience. However i’m not sure how much has changed with juny/july updates and all block waves.

Anyone still using it though? It used to go flawlessly (with PV waves in a while but the return of investment in sms services was well worth the feature).

If anyone is still using it, care to give some insight again with what seems to work still?

I am making 10-15 comments per hour, 100 comments per day and no issues so far.


What niche? Do you comment after follow or in what way?

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