Instagram comments limits and best practice?

Hi, I’m thinking about trying JV again but this time I would use it to promote some e-commerce products through commenting and I was wondering how it works today with comments, what are the limits and best ways to do it. Is it good to work with fresh accounts, do we need to warm them or not? Can you comment and target random user’s posts without following them? How many comments can be done per account per day? Can we use URLs in comments i.e w w w domain c o m? What happens if an account is banned, all comments made by that account are deleted right? This would look sp4mmy for sure but is anyone working like this now promoting products with comments since comments are visible by more people than DM. I tried to find some guides here before making the post but I couldn’t, so all suggestions and recommendations are welcome.

well, I certainly won’t be using brand new accounts for commenting, aged accounts should be far better, of course warming up an account is necessary (few likes, follows, and story viewing) should be good.

20-25 comments per day after warming the account should be the daily limits to avoid all kind of issues you can use the slave/main method as well, and you can avoid sending URL’s directly you can use the account to direct users to your store (the account should have the store link in the bio)