Instagram Confirm your Phone Number - SMS Never Arrived

Hey guys!

So this is the screen I met today on 4 of my accounts, all of them 100k+ followers were on 4G Mobile Proxies, just logged in on Jarvee and all they did was posting.

I do enter my mobile, I even tried to enter my friend’s mobile but the 6-digit code never arrives and this is after almost 12 hours of trying and clicking the “Send code again” button.

All the profiles are still alive their profiles can be visited, I even receive the DM notifications at my mobile but I can’t access them as this screen appears and the SMS never arrives.

Any idea what to do?

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The same thing happened to me with my account.

I never get the SMS. Tried other numbers, tried other proxies and different devices.


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Same happened with me 2 months ago.

Do you still use Jarvee on those accounts?

I think its fixed now. One of accounts which was stuck previously got code today

No not able to confirm the same tried everything I could

Give it a bit of time, sometimes Instagram’s SMS gateway seems to have heavy delays in sending out messages. Did you try a password reset before? Even tho from a logical point of view, that should not help, but its Instagram. You never know :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried today and finally got the code.

Try it too, it should work!